A Few Masterpieces From Our Work

There are no limitations, only opportunities.

Online Ordering and Delivery System

Exclusively designed online ordering and delivery system for doorstep delivery.

The application allows the users to order seamlessly to their doorsteps from a local liquor store, compare their prices as well as schedule delivery time as per their liking.

Pyt Mobile Pyt Mobile
Cellpoint Bids Cellpoint Bids

CellPoint Bids

Private Auction Marketplace exclusively designed for CellPoint Customers

CP Bids is an application specifically designed to host the auction events of bulk mobile phones and their other accessories.

Picture Your Travel

Social travel app, connecting friends and family enhancing the “trust and travel” experience

Picture Your Travel (PYT) is a social media app designed for friends and family to share their travel experience and offer individual insights to the world.

Pyt Mobile Pyt Mobile
Moovler Moovler

Moovler Partner and Moovler Pro

A modern take on small and mid-sized stuff moving app, connecting you to freelance drivers

Moovler is designed to offer perfect solutions to customers for their moving requirements by connecting them with an owner-operator at affordable prices.

Prompster Pro

Ultimate teleprompter and public speaking companion application for keynote speakers

Prompster Pro is an app specifically designed to allow keynote speakers and users to practice and deliver speeches effectively without using multiple helping tools.

Prompster Prompster
Eposly Eposly


Point of sale solution to salesforce, transforming the retail operations

Eposly is a Point-of-Sale Solution that sits natively on the Salesforce platform and can be configured to fit with every vertical of a retail store.


Mobile technology connecting millions of patients to health care providers

Big4Health is a health app designed to decrease the health insurance cost by connecting patients with practitioners regarding the Big 4 issues: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Obesity.

B4H Mobile B4H Mobile
Kleen Hub Kleen Hub


Digital Return System for Coffee Cups and Food Boxes

Kleenhub is an app designed strategically to lead the green initiative and avoid wastage. The app allows registered users to borrow cups and boxes and return them on time after use.


Self manifesting tools for skydivers for their local Burble zone

BurbleMe is an app that allows skydivers to check-in, self manifest, load organize, send your Burble enabled dropzone your location and maintain a logbook.

Burble Me Burble Me
Taxi Taxi Mobile

Taxi Booking App

Dispatch system for fleet management that allows smarter mobility

The Taxi Booking app allows flexible taxi and cab bookings based on the custom locations and other user requirements, minimizing the vital commuting time.

Root AI

Lifestyle app offering valuable nutrition and wellness insights to its customers

Root AI is a lifestyle app that offers healthy recommendations to its customers based on their nutrition input without inclining towards dietary black-box.

Root Root Mobile