Picture Your Travel

A social travel app that allows families, friends and peers to share their travel experiences, offer individual insights and create an exclusive travel network that can help others to make an informed travel decision.

Enhancing the “Trust and Travel” Experience

Picture Your Travel is an app specifically designed for Android as well as iOS platforms that allows users to sign up and share their “Globetrotting Experiences” in the form of pictures, geotags and more. Thus, the app allows them to create a social travel network that can help other peers to get a look at the location, places to visit, nearby restaurants, food and more of a particular place and make a better travel plan. The app strategically allows the users to become “travel influencers” by earning exclusive travel badges.

Simplifying the Ideology: The Problem

The client came to us with a clear vision of having a social travel app that is location-based and allows the users to explore new places, new people and create their travel network by inviting their friends. The client was very much specific when it came to particular features like creating an itinerary, uploading travel pictures, videos, getting travel badges and more.

Team AppsMaven was able to cater to every client requirement thereby making an app that acts as a personal travel planner, offers travel insights to the world as well as allows them to make informed travel decisions. From assigning appropriate interest categories to the travel discoveries to curating a world travel album kind of features, working for Picture Your Travel was a blast for the entire development as well as designing team.

Discover Genuine Travel Advisories: The Solution

Don’t you hate it when planning a vacation becomes a tedious task? Taking care of the itineraries by looking at multiple websites for location reviews, hotel reviews, places to visit and more are some of the cumbersome tasks one has to take care of before they even think about relaxing on a holiday.

Well, here comes “Picture Your Travel” to the rescue. The app was built with custom features that simply make “travel planning” easy and interesting. PYT allows the users to sign up with their email addresses and share multiple travel discoveries that are real and authentic with their friends and family thereby allowing the latter to make informed and easy travel decisions. The app is a social network that infuses trust and credibility to the travel plans as all the information on the app has been pooled by the user’s family or friends.

The custom discovery page allows the users to get a look at plenty of destination visuals that are authentic and are shared by the user’s personal travel network. Also, the users can share their different discoveries that others can visit, share reviews of the locations and restaurants thereby extending the scope of gathering information for future travels.

Predicaments That Came Along:
The Challenges

Creating a travel app that serves it all is often a tedious task and doesn’t come without challenges. The biggest challenge for the team was to cater to the custom features that allow the users to create unforgettable travel memories without missing a thing. Thus, Team AppsMaven devoted ample hours in simplifying the features for the users to allow them to have a seamless experience while using the app, add in their travel discoveries, earn travel badges, add/discover trending locations, restaurants, browse multiple travel categories to make informed itineraries and more.

Creating a perfect “social travel application” was our ultimate goal and a “5 Star Review” of the app is enough to add another successful feather in our cap.

Discover | Plan | Post: The Feature List

Picture Your Travel (PYT) is a travel app curated with custom features that allow users to plan perfect travel itineraries across the world locations by taking a look at the pictures, locations, destinations put up by their social travel network. With every individual working towards being a “travel influencer” for their family and friends, earning travel badges to add to your globetrotter profile comes with ease.

  • Easy Sign-Up:

    Allows the users to sign up with their email ids or via social media channels.

  • Profile Creation:

    This allows the users to add their data to their profiles whereby adding interests, bio and more, viewing likes, followers and more.

  • Discover:

    This allows the users to view trending locations, trending influencers as well as recent travel discoveries.

  • Explore:

    Allows the users to explore multiple countries and places they would want to visit.

  • Post:

    The app allows the users to post their travel pictures, geotag the locations and share them with family and friends.

  • Chat:

    Allows the users to chat with multiple other globetrotters and share their travel memories.

  • Locations Info:

    This allows the users to collect location data by clicking on the pictures shared by their peers or other influencers.

  • Travel Info:

    Allows the users to create travel itineraries based on the collected data while adding it to their “travel plan” lists.

Technologies That Make It A
Perfect App: The Tech Stack Used

  • Programming Language

    For iOS- Swift 5
    For Android: Java

  • Backend

    MongoDB + Node

  • Frameworks


  • Library

    APNS(Apple push notification service)

Gathered Insights: The Result

Team AppsMaven was able to realize the client’s vision of creating a social travel app that serves it all. From signing up to documenting the travels, discovering new locations and influencers, exploring the places virtually beforehand and so much more, Picture Your Travel has come a long way in getting positive customer feedback and thousands of app downloads. The app is now available to use on Android and iOS platforms. The marketing and future updates are still in work with Team AppsMaven thereby ensuring further success.

Some Words of Appreciation:Encouraging Feedback

An amazing company to work with!! They listen, Understand the Vision & Deliver the product like well-oiled machinery. I found the management to be extremely visionary, great at communication and flexible with delivery times.

Nitin Trehan

Founder & CEO at PYT Technologies