An Electric Point of Sale Solution that sits natively on a Salesforce platform and is strategically designed for businesses to run retail operations more effectively.

Understanding The Essence

EPOSLY is a native iOS application that has been designed to offer EPOS capability on the Salesforce.com platform. An easy to use electric point of sale solution is used by various organizations ranging all the way from the field sales, service environments to the retail stores.

The iOS app allows businesses to streamline their daily processes as all the data is stored on Salesforce in real-time. The app allows businesses to build orders, accept payments via card or cash, analyze the payments post-transaction, generate reports on loyal customers, view stock trends in real-time as well as analyze entire transactional data in no time.

Understanding Client’s Vision

The client came to us with a vision to reduce quote-to-cash time for the field sales team. They wanted an iOS app in companion to their core product that was listed on the Salesforce AppExchange by the name EPOSLY. Developing and designing a complete EPOS solution that sits right at the center of every retail’s operation was the ultimate vision that the client wanted to give wings to. Managing real-time insights on the sales, transactions, payments and customers was the ultimate goal of creating the app EPOSLY.

To ensure smoother communication, our team was able to build a communication panel where the requirements and the functionalities were discussed in detail with the client as well as the business development team.

How Team AppsMaven Helped in Creating an EPOS App that Stands Out from the Competitors?

Our team of designers, developers, business managers are always keen on welcoming the client’s vision with open arms while making sure to offer the best possible solutions as per industry standards. We focus on creating a fool-proof solution as per the client requirements.

Our team was able to design and develop a custom iOS app that can be used with the client’s core product and simplify managing the sales, payments, stock, customer-onboarding as well as analyzing data anywhere anytime. With EPOSLY, the client was able to present a solution to the world that can save countless hours with an automated stock count, check the payment and transaction history as well as track data. The app can add a layer of security via chip-pin transactions and keeping the customer details private and secure.

Integrating Key Features and Overcoming Challenges

No project is free of challenges and our team’s management, hard work, top-tier knowledge on industry verticals and understanding of client’s requirements acted as a masterstroke for the success of EPOSLY. Though time constraint was the biggest challenge we overcame, implementing creativity to make a seamless interface that worked in compliance with their core product was also deliberately dealt with.

  • Product Inventory at All Stores and Locations

  • Inventory Stock Level Per Product

  • Status and Revenue Alignment for both Front and Back Office

  • Opportunity Selling via Saving Uncomplete/Non-Paid Orders on Salesforce

  • Product and Prices Management in Real-Time

  • Real-Time Data Sync for Reporting and Analytics

  • Revenue Recording Model

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Native Salesforce Integration

  • Customer Look-Up in Salesforce

  • Customer Details Capturing via New CRM Creation

  • Order Creation, Saving and Access to Salesforce in Real-Time

Tech-Stack Used

  • Language:

Swift 5, Objective C

  • Frameworks:

SalesforceSDKCore, SalesforceAnalytics, ScanditBarcodeCapture, BarcodeScanner, Instabug, GooglePlaces, GoogleMaps, GooglePlacesPicker, EasyMapping, RestKit, SquarePointOfSaleSDK etc.

The Final Product

EPOSLY is not just an app that seamlessly allows the retailers to handle their sales, payments, records and stocks but a gateway to applaudable business management. Offering a Point Of Sale Solution to our clients that worked in connection with their core product, helped the organization create a mobile presence via which they can run their business from afar was our main priority. We take pride in offering our clients the app they cherished with all their hearts.

Keeping in mind the key aspects of the application that were flexibility, security, and overall seamless management of the operations, we conquered it all with glory. Being fiercely competitive, EPOSLY is everything you desire from an electronic point of sale solution and more.

A Few Words of Appreciation for Our Efforts

We have been working with AppsMaven for around two years. In that time they have proved their full capability and demonstrated that they are able to build and support a complex application architecture that encompasses API driven integration, modern UI and integrated hardware. We recommend the team highly.- David Cameron, Technical Director & Founder at EPOSLY