BurbleMe is an immaculately designed tool for sport skydivers, allowing them to self manifest at their local dropzone.

Understanding the Essence

BurbleMe is an app that allows skydivers to simply check-in, load, organize, manage and track at any Burble-enabled dropzone. They can further maintain a logbook of their activities and send their location to the dropzone to further streamline their landing. From self manifesting to customizing their landing status and keeping a track of the transactional history, the app is a one-stop solution for skydivers to power up for their next heavenly adventure.

The Challenge

  • Building a strong online presence is one of the top-most priorities of an organization ever since the internet has taken over the world. The same goes for the Burble Software, an internationally recognized dropzone management system that was specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by the skydivers while manifesting, loading, booking, wavering and more.
  • The client approached us with a vision to realize an app called BurbleMe that carries onto the core essence of the software while offering a seamless skydiving experience to the divers.
  • Integrating every functionality custom to the client’s requirements as well as catering to the market analysis, the design and development of the BurbleMe iOS App first started in 2014. We gradually moved to an Android version as well thereby offering a scalable architecture to the app to ensure future addition of the required functionalities.

The Solution

  • Catering to the skydivers, the BurbleMe app is a one-stop solution for solving all their problems while streamlining the diving activities. The app allows the skydivers to manage every aspect of their skydiving adventure all the way from planning, checking-in, manifesting with their peers to sending the dropzone the location of their landing. Apart from this, the custom-designed features allow the divers to keep a log of their transactional history handy anytime, anywhere.
  • With a customizable backend and smart features on the front end, the app designed for Android and iOS platforms worked wonders in engaging more customers by allowing them to share their online booking for the friends to join in at any time.

The Feature List

  • Sign Up

The app allows the user to sign up with their email id and phone number. The user is further asked to list his/her credentials and fill in the drop zone of their choice. They can only use the app further once the credentials and the user details are approved by the admin.

  • Self Manifesting

The app ensures that the divers do not line up at the manifest anymore. All they have to do is create a load, sign up their name and share it with their friends to join in with just a few clicks. This allows a seamless skydiving experience for trained professionals.

  • Transaction History

The users can track their jumps history on the phone without having to bother the manifest anymore. All the activities are logged into the user profile, allowing the diver to track the jumps at the drop zones in no time.

  • Log Book

The app offers a full electronic logbook that allows skydivers to keep track of their jumps and activities at the dropzones. All they have to make sure is that the dropzone is Burble-enabled.

  • Location Notifier

It allows the skydivers to notify the dropzone of their landing. All they have to do is send a message to the dropzone which will automatically let the latter know their location via GPS coordinates. Furthermore, the divers can also update their health status for letting the dropzone know if they are okay, injured or in need of any assistance.

  • My Load

The My Load feature on the app allows the users to check all the slots they have joined in the past and will be joining in the future. They can further get access to the load’s status, its name, slots, scheduled take-off time and much more.

  • Load Timer

The feature allows the user to enable/disable the notification for the load alert. Whenever the load is due to depart, the notification will ring 5 or 10 mins prior to it.

  • Chat Box

The user can access this feature to initiate a chat with his/her peers as well as the dropzone team and management. The chat history will be showcased every time.

Languages and Frameworks

  • Front End

Swift for iOS

Java for Android

Powerful Graphics

Sketch for UI/UX

  • Back End

MVVM Architecture for iOS

XML Parsing for Java

Unique APIs

The Result

The team of designers and developers were able to create an app that streamlines the skydiving activities for the divers and the management team in no time. The app was designed with custom features specifically designed to cater to the skydivers’ requirements, their safety and to make the experienced divers self-manifest without having to stand in queues. The Android, as well as the iOS version of the app, runs smoothly over mobile phones whereas the simple interface allows the users to quickly sign up, adjust the loads, check-in, access the transactions and payments. The security parameters integrated into the app makes way for a secured payment gateway while the emergency calling via shared location further ensures the utmost safety of the divers.

The app has procured a huge success in the US market witnessing a greater revenue stream while the organization has further expanded their operations in the European markets as well. The company plans to target the Mid Eastern market for BurbleMe in a short time thereby getting internationally recognized.