Kleen Hub

A green initiative to fight single-use culture. A mobile app that acts as a digital return system for coffee cups and food boxes.

Ditching Single-Use

Kleen Hub is an app that is solely based on putting a stop to single-use thereby catering to a greener and safer environment. Kleen Hub is an app that provides reusable containers for takeaway restaurants. The containers are given to the restaurants which they lend to their customers in return. The app can also be used to manage the logistics and keep track of the containers that restaurants and customers have.


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Understanding the Green Initiative

The client came to us with a vision in mind about a mobile app that captures the essence of their greener initiative. An app that can help them offer a sustainable choice to the restaurants and consumers thereby catering to a much greener environment. They wanted to fight single-use but also put a stop to using plastic which disturbs the entire ecosystem.

The client wanted to offer an alternative approach to the restaurants and customers by providing reusable stainless steel food boxes and cups and charging them by usage. This can cut down on single-use plastic as well as other material leading to a much safer environment. We catered to their custom requirements by creating an iOS and Android app that helped them keep a track of the boxes and cups loaned to the customers and ensuring their safer return to circulation.

How We Conquered the Challenges as a Team

AppsMaven has always been sure of one thing and that is prioritizing the client’s custom requirements and we did exactly the same with Kleen Hub. An iOS app was initially created that allows the customers to sign up and register with the app with their payment details. After that, the customers can simply log in to lend the containers, food boxes and coffee mugs from a particular restaurant.

The app allows the customer to keep the containers with them for 5 days and if not returned to the affiliated restaurant, a payment is further charged on their credit card. The app does offer notifications to the customers on the fourth day, reminding them to return their products on time.

The simple loan, use and return platform makes way for cutting single-use containers as well as other plastic items thereby aiding the client’s greener environment’s initiative. An Android app for the same was created at a later stage with additional functionalities.

Challenges and Feature Integrations

As no project comes without certain challenges, the major one our team of developers were subjected to is to offer a unique NFC to the borrow-box and return-box. They are used to track the container transaction between the restaurant and the customers. The only way one can make a transaction is by scanning the NFC at the restaurant. The team was able to tackle this complexity with ease over the designated period of time thereby ensuring proper app functioning as per the client requirements.

For User:
  • Sign Up and Register
  • Add a Payment Method
  • Borrow and Return Boxes
  • Check the Number of Borrowed Boxes Currently
  • Check the Number of Boxes to be Returned
  • History of Borrowed and Return Boxes
  • Payment History
  • Scan NFC Card to Borrow and Return
  • Secured and Instant Payments
  • Transaction History
  • Push Notifications
  • Locate Restaurants for Borrowing Containers
For Admin:
  • Secure Log In
  • Manage Restaurants
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Containers and Boxes
  • Manage Logs of Transactions
  • Chart View of Borrowed and Unborrowed Boxes
Tech-Stack Used

Front-End: React Native

Framework for Admin Panel: Angular

Back-End: Node.js

The Result

Being able to help the talented few with an idea that caters to the use of reusable boxes and containers and ditches the single-use materials, as well as the plastic, was our best accomplishment. The team was able to develop and design an app that was exactly as per client requirements and solves the purpose of borrowing and returning boxes to and from the restaurants via scanning an NFC code. Taking one step ahead towards a sustainable environment, team AppsMaven looks forward to working for similar causes again in the future.


Download app for Android today - it's free.


Download app for iOS today - it's free.