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Prompster Pro

Ultimate teleprompter and public speaking companion application for keynote speakers.

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The Challenge

  • It is a hard task for keynote speakers as well as other content creators to keep their head high while presenting to an audience with the utmost confidence and go according to the script structure.

  • The client came to us looking for a teleprompter app that can eliminate the need for cue cards, flashcards, paper notes and scripts while speaking with a live audience or present on a screen.

  • Thus, to solve this challenge, the dedicated team of developers and designers created the Prompster Pro App that can ultimately eliminate the need to remember scripts and notes.

What is Prompster Pro?

  • Being regarded as one of the best teleprompters across the world, Prompster Pro is an application that comes integrated with a host of features that are capable of eliminating the need for cue cards, flashcards and other manual notes.

  • It is the ultimate teleprompter when it comes to delivering speeches, podcasts or even lectures as well as practising the speech beforehand. Being an ideal app that can accommodate every environment and scenario, the Prompter Pro allows the users to automatically adjust the speed text scrolling, its size and font.

  • The user can further turn on the mirror text option on the app which can allow them to use the teleprompter with a 3rd party device as well. It comes equipped with a digital audio recorder that allows the users to hear their speech for practicing well.

The Features

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  • Online Course Creation

    The app allows the user to keep the script at their fingertips by creating the courses via recording voice-overs from their presentations or keynotes.

  • Mirror Text

    The user can turn on this option for using the teleprompter with their favourite 3rd party display systems.

  • Print Scripts

    The app allows the users to print formatted copies of their notes and scripts by connecting them with compatible AirPrint printers.

  • Audio/Video Recorder

    The app allows the user to record their practice sessions and watch their presentation as an audience. It allows them to improve their skills by working on areas that need improvements.

  • Prompt

    The feature allows the text to be displayed on the main screen. The user can further increase/ decrease the scrolling speed, start the scrolling timer and reset it.

  • Documents

    The feature allows the users to add new documents into the app, allocate them names as well as edit/delete them as per their choice.

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Progressive Evolution

Here is the stepwise information of every stage of the development process of Prompster Pro.

Research and Wireframing

Design and Artwork, Data migration from old app and sync to cloud,Making iOS app Compitable with MAC app, Server setup.

Feasibility & Prototyping

Public APIs were sourced to determine the technical feasibility of various functionalities while a rapid prototype was built to understand if the process was progressing in the right direction.

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Design and Development

A UX Design was then created by defining the interaction amidst the designing elements based on scope and budget while the coding of the project was completed in different stages.

Testing and Deployment

The app was then tested for usability, performance, compatibility, stress and security. The beta trial was carried out before deploying the app for final launch. App maintenance was carried out for assured functionality and required results.

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Languages and Framework
The Result

Our dedicated team of developers and designers was able to create a teleprompter app with a simple interface adhering to the fact that it can adapt custom requirements, text size, font style, scrolling speed and more. Apart from this, Prompster Pro was designed to adapt to the natural environment and adjust the viewing distance. The app further allows the user to keep a track of the elapsed time as well as switch to the mirror mode for easy integration with third-party devices. The audio-video recording feature is further helpful to let the user's practice their speech/presentations and make improvements accordingly.

Feedback from Client
Dante Moore

"Job well done!

Often on development projects you run into unforeseen issues. Good communication, collaboration and problem solving skills are required for a successful outcome. And, that's what you'll get from Raman, Abhinav and the Apps Maven team. They are great service providers who deliver. I highly recommend them and will hire them again."