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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

Optimization is key in increasing traffic to your website or app organically over a period of time. Search engines populate search results for queries made by a user on the basis of how relevant is the information provided on your website or your web app, to the user. Search Engine bots crawl the web multiple times a day to analyze and assess your websites and web apps in order to deliver useful and relevant information. New algorithms, use of AI’s and machine learning by search engines have made the web and web results more sophisticated and advanced in terms of showing search results. A few years back SEO was all about creating backlinks and using meta tags but today Google and other search engines use almost over 200 parameters to rank a website and it’s content. They measure everything to rank your website and web applications starting from the page loading speed to the structure and navigation. Thus our constant optimizations will help you grow your organic traffic and increase your footprint on the web.

App Store Optimization

There are a lot of apps out there on Google Play Store and Ios App Store, chances are that a few of them might have similar features like the ones in your app, thus optimizing your App Store page becomes significant. We help you update your apps landing page on the app store to align it with the keywords or queries typed by a user. Writing optimization friendly descriptions and providing a structure to other information present on the app download page helps in improving traffic to your app.

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Optimization Steps

Optimization is a continuous process and we understand the need to push new updates regularly to boost your organic presence. Let us take you through how it’s done and what are the steps involved in getting your SEO done right.

Keyword Research

The first step is to analyze what are people actively searching for and which of these searches are relevant for your your business. For example, Simply typing your query on google search will give you the results which were most relevant for that query.

Competition Analysis

The second step after you’ve figured the keywords you want your web optimization to rank for is to assess the current performance as compared to the leaders in your industry who are already showing up on the first page in the search results for those particular keywords.

On-Page Optimization

You have multiple web pages on your website and on page optimization is all about ranking those pages individually in the search results for different keywords they provide information about and using those keywords in important html tags.

Off-Page Optimization

So you’ve got the above steps fixed and are waiting for the results, well it’s not so easy. After you’ve got your website optimization steps right, it’s time for link building from high authority and trust flow websites which point the user from their website to yours.

SEO Technical

Apart from the steps mentioned above, there are a lot of other factors which influence your web rankings for example the time your website takes to fully load all of it’s scripts and images, the structure of your website and consistency of the keywords in your content and a few others.

Good Content

So you know that the world revolves around good content and we help you write it well for your online presence, whether it’s a blog, a newsletter or a thank you note we make sure that your users are tempted to click on it.

Internal Linking

We believe a user should get full information about the services you provide and in an orderly fashion, a good optimization technique is one which is connected throughout and provides a big picture to the user. Internal linking helps bots crawl your pages easily and understand them better.

Directory Listings

Directory listings help spread the word about your business to people who are near your location and nowadays they also allow users to rate and review your work which increases your reliability and assists ranking.

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We’re sure you’ve realized the importance of optimization till now and have experienced how our everyday life gets affected by it, but the web space is continuously changing and moving towards personalized information and that’s where our advantages lie. We help you in optimization with a holistic approach towards your audience, provide relevant information to your user and keep things simple.

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