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We are very enthusiastic and passionate for advanced technology and ideas which make life easier and our clear focus on it separates us from the rest. We create an impact through our apps and have been doing it since the beginning.

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Our Pros

We have a few advantages worth mentioning as they lie deep in our core and are instilled in every part of our organization, giving us the edge we have.

Latest technology

In time with the latest tech

We constantly look out for new technologies which could be used for development and keep ourselves updated. New things in the industry which might affect how the app operates tomorrow are analyzed, assessed and applied to your app to make it more useful and relevant today.

Exceptional Quality Standards

Exceptional QualityStandards

Through our extensive checks and protocols put in place, we carefully monitor each step of your app development and protect your app from any quality related issues, making sure your app is exactly how you envision it.

Milestone Oriented Delivery

Milestone Oriented Delivery

We set goals and knock them down one at a time. Each part of your app development process is divided into small milestones which help in progressive development and reliable delivery. We give you the power to see how your app will turn out after a few completed milestones.

Why Us?

We believe in transparency and clear communication between you and our development team. We help you in delivering big ideas through a structured approach and add value to your business. Our aim is to understand and comprehend your objective from a creative point of view and apply excellent functionality to it.

Structured Approach
Structured Approach

Following correct practices saves us from wasted efforts and ensures that every action we take adds value to your project. We set and accomplish milestones effectively through our research and realistic timelines.

Continuous Support and Maintenance
Continuous Support and Maintenance

Post development, we help you with bugs and fixes, stability and adding new updates for best performance.

Invigorating Technical Experience
Invigorating Technical Experience

Our research based planning and strategy helps our developers and coders to learn new ways of doing things, building a great app is more than how it looks, it’s about how it communicates.

Transparent Practices
Transparent Practices

You can track and assess the impact of our strategies at each step and learn along the way. Our transparency helps us in delivering reliable results.

Effective Timelines and Delivery
Effective Timelines and Delivery

Using optimum levels of expertise strating from planinng to delivery saves alot of time and helps in building quality. Our structured approach defines a goal oreiented process.

Choose to be more
Choose to be more

We develop enterprise level mobile and web apps with extensive scalability options. Working your app to monetization and expansion.

Engagement Model

Fixed budgets

Fixed budgets

At Apps Maven, we understand the importance of timelines and budgets so that your vision stays protected and no effort is wasted. Ideas change quickly but it’s effective implementation is not as quick as you might think thus we carefully examine, assess and execute.

  1. Custom pricing based on your requirements
  2. Iron-willed standards and ethics when we say fixed budgets
  3. Mutual understanding of objectives
Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Each enterprise project that we work upon has dedicated resources and teams for ensuring active management and goal oriented processes. You just have put your requirements on the table and our teams will deliver amazing results.

  1. Personalized teams for better efficiency
  2. Creative thinkers and astute performers
  3. Hours of development work and discussions for improved performance
Hourly Billing

Hourly Billing

You can hire experts based on hourly pricing models for your project which will help you maintain and tweak the performance of your app. You just have to take care of their hours and they will take care of the rest.

  1. No need to pay for the whole project, now outsource hourly
  2. Regular Updates and idea sharing
  3. Flexible and easy to maintain

Be hassle free, our focus is on
delivering performance

A Big Family

We’re proud of the work we have done so far and it makes us happy to say that we’re extremely thankful to our clients for the opportunities they gave us, without them, we would be nothing. We thank you for your trust in us and hope that we keep growing like a family together.

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Our Client Base

We make Apps that make a difference! Being the tech specialists, we create solutions that maximize ROI of all sized businesses.

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