Moovler: On-Demand
Delivery and Moving App

An app curated to move heavy or bulky items conveniently and safely from one location to another. Moovler is specifically designed to help connect the users with pick-up truck drivers in their local area for an affordable and quick moving of items.

A Modern Take on an Age-Old
Industry: How it Works?

Moovler is a moving and delivery app that has been designed to connect customers with local pick-up truck drivers and arrange pickups and move around their schedule. The app can be used if the customer wants to shift to a one-bedroom apartment, a condo or even a studio apartment. All they have to do is log in with the app, schedule moving with a local driver nearby that is available and that’s it. The app allows a safe and secure payment gateway thereby avoiding awkward cash exchange situations. With customizable pricing options and a free estimate beforehand, moving from one place to another has never been this easy.

Affordable Delivery and Moving
App: Guaranteed Bonus Points

The client approached Team Apps Maven with a vision of an app that allows affordable moving from one place to another. Beating the increasing competition, the client wanted an app that was easy to use and navigate. They requested an app that allows users to quickly sign up and arrange pick-up and moving within a few steps thereby increasing efficiency and saving essential time.

A separate app Moovler Partner was also curated for the drivers or helpers that allowed them to sign up and register themselves available for the moving job. The people can register themselves as drivers if they have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration as well as a clean criminal record. Apart from drivers, people are allowed to sign themselves up as “helpers” for moving stuff to and from a place.

Unravelling the User and Driver App: The Feature
List and Their Predicaments

Design and developing two individual apps that allowed users and drivers to sign up respectively and arrange moving of heavy and bulky items did come with several challenges. From delivering features with easy navigation, efficient map integration all the way to a secure payment gateway, both the user and driver apps have been designed with utmost perfection to make them stand apart from the rest of the competitors in the area.

The User App Features:
  • Easy Sign-Up
  • Profile Creation
  • Quick Quote
  • Select Moovler Type
  • Add Location
  • Add Items
  • Select Number of Moovlers/Helpers
  • View Booking Details
  • Choose Secure Payment Methods
  • Booking Drafts
  • Track Moovler
  • Rate Moovler
  • Chat Box
  • Notification Panel
  • Share and Earn Feature
The Driver/Helper App Features:
  • Registration
  • Upload License, Driver/Helper Details
  • View Bookings
  • Check Locations
  • Set Schedules
  • View Total Earnings
  • Customer Rating
  • Notification Panel

Solutions Stack: Technologies
Used on Frontend and Backend

Programming Language:
  • iOS App


  • Android App:


  • Node + MongoDB

Redefining Success: The End Result

Moovler is an on-demand delivery and moving app that caters to custom client requirements which indeed makes it stand apart from other competitors in the area. Handling all the moving, delivery and hauling needs for the customers while offering several job opportunities for delivery personnel, drivers and helpers, the app has raised a bar when it comes to being efficient, easy to use and acquiring 100% client satisfaction. The app has made its mark in British Columbia and is on its way to making its way through the country in just a little time.

Appreciating the Efforts: The Client Feedback

“They provide good services and are reliable, acting more like a business partner than just a contractor. The company is better organized and manages the project well, quickly responding to any requests or questions. They are flexible and willing to accommodate unique business challenges and needs. They test every change or update before putting it on the live platform thereby offering the most effective solutions.”

Founder, Moovler