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Be a part of the change, we at apps maven believe in individual growth first, which helps us bring the best out of our assets and resources. Our team is our backbone and they are treated with paramount respect at all times, we understand the different requirements needed in order to relax and work at your best.

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Work-Life and Balance at Apps Maven

Providing the best infrastructure and work environment for your full-throttle performances and creative skills.

Embrace the Unknown

If you aren’t aware of the outcomes of your actions, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you, be assured that everyone at some point has found themselves at a position where they aren’t sure of the outcomes or they are trying a new thing. We at apps maven embrace the unknown.

Take Chances

Taking your shot is everything and it counts, we believe that if you think you can do it, you should try it. You only learn from your mistakes and if you don’t take a step forward to try new things, you will never learn new things. We evolve by continuous learning and learning only begins when you take chances.

Ideas over Narrow thoughts

We respect ideas, sometimes they are good, other times they are already in use, but we don’t appreciate narrow thoughts like” if you don’t like an idea, you will not follow it” if your conscience agrees and only your rigid thoughts come in between then the idea prevails and we encourage you to try the new idea.

Perks and Benefits

We think global, not just about our work culture but also about our employees' perks and benefits. A few perks to note apart from the usual are:

Lifelong Learning

Our working style is a bit different from traditional companies where you keep doing a task over and again, every day. As we mentioned earlier that individual growth is first for us, we also mean it. Individual learning paths are set for every employee's growth and development within the organisation and outside the organisation as well.

Flexible Work Hours

We understand the difference between a machine and a human being. We believe everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and we embrace their originality. With us, you can choose the work hours you desire and be the master of your own time because it’s valuable.

Competitive Salary

When we said we think global, we also meant it in terms of your financials. We provide a competitive salary and based on the skills you carry apart from your professional ones we also provide additional rewards. Our payroll structure is better than the competition and it allows you to make those savings you’ve been wanting to do since ages.

Paid Vacation

Every asset gets paid leaves in a month based upon their role and designation. You can also choose to finish your work before the allocated time and get additional paid leaves in the same month, this depends upon your regular performance and your clients' feedback.

Annual Trips

Travelling keeps you aware and energetic, thus we organize annual trips for all of our employees where they can relax, rejoice and enjoy. Our goal is to see, learn and experience new things through these trips and come closer to self in a new destination. With your team by your side, the bond becomes stronger and communication becomes easier.

Company Gatherings and Social activities

We let loose sometimes to go social and have fun. With the way our team provides every minute that they spend in the office to their work, they also deserve a few good times and social activities to boost their confidence and make them more comfortable.

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