RootAI: Nutrition & Wellness
Mobile App

RootAI is an intuition-based nutrition tool that has been specially curated to offer users apt diet plans as per their specific needs. The diet plans are designed exclusively for their body types while the healthy dietary patterns help them thrive in day to day life.

Sustainable Path for a
Healthy Living

The app allows the users to identify several correlations between what they eat and how they feel. It leverages the power of data-driven analysis and machine learning to use less brain power to offer the best and healthy diet plans to the users. It further allows them to lead healthier and energetic lives.

Exclusively created diet plans as per how the person feels help them to focus on good eating, target discomfort while eliminating fatigue at the same time.

Data-Driven Nutrition Tool

The client approached Apps Maven with a clear vision of a wellness mobile platform that allows the users to thrive with health. They wanted to curate an app that is the first-ever personalized data-driven nutrition tool that can find the root cause of weight issues, fatigue and other health challenges.

The team was capable of handling the custom features in all their glory while offering the client a replica of his vision. Being empowered to bring in a change in the nutrition market by targeting lifestyle-driven illnesses, the team was capable of handling the project with utmost perfection.

Reinforcing Good Habits

Building a sustainable path for the users that ensures a healthy lifestyle for them, allows them to accommodate healthy habits via data-driven analysis is everything the RootAI mobile app is all about. The app allows the users to understand how reinforcing better habits can help them manage stress, eat healthy as well as let them understand the correlation between their health voes and bad eating habits.

RootAI is one of the most challenging data-driven nutrition health app created by the team with custom client requirements that offers everything a person needs to manage his health. From tracking meals, looking into key insights, understanding symptoms, the app is a fool-proof nutrition tool that can help the user to live an energetic life.

Attributes Adding to a Healthy Lifestyle

RootAI was specifically designed for iOS platforms that allowed the users to tackle the three major backdrops of daily health which are bad eating habits, discomfort and fatigue. The app was designed keeping in parameters of well-searched nutritional data, hidden body sensitivities, dietary habits and much more. The app makes way for healthier day to day living by integrating intuitive tracking of meals, wellbeing and other symptoms of a particular user.

Here is the intuitive feature list of RootAI:

  • Social Media Sign-Up
  • Wellbeing Tracker
  • Add Symptoms
  • Specify Mood
  • Add Meals
  • Notification Panel
  • Score Card
  • Browse Healthy Meal Ingredients
  • Secure Payment Gateway

Conquering Insights with
Extraordinary Tech

  • Frontend- iOS
  • Backend- Nodejs
  • Database- MySql

Empowering Healthier Changes

RootAI was designed and developed according to custom client requirements. Like every other project, the app had its challenges but overcoming them was a challenge in itself. A platform that ensures a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for every individual based on intuitive data and environmental factors, realizing this app will be one of our biggest victories of all time.