Online Ordering and Delivery System

Curated to delivery good times. Team AppsMaven takes pride in the development of an online ordering and delivery system that allow the customers to order booze to their doorstep in no time.

Online Ordering and Delivery System
Understanding The Ideology

The project has been specifically developed and designed as a dedicated alcohol delivery service in Memphis, Tennessee. It allows the customers to sign up, update their information and browse multiple alcohol types and brands just as they would do in a liquor store. They can further have those items delivered to their doorstep in under one hour.

Online Marketplace for Alcohol Delivery

The client wanted an online alcohol delivery system that has been implemented with custom features and backed by the latest technology. Making the marketplace stand apart from the rest of the competitors was their utmost priority and we delivered just that. The marketplace we created allows the customers to browse a wide selection of booze from multiple stores, compare their prices and order it to their doorstep within one hour or asap. The app further ensures that the customer is above the legal drinking age while the driver makes sure to scan the customer’s id at the doorstep of their home. The customers can track their orders by accessing the driver’s live location which will be shared once the order is placed and dispatched.

Furthermore, the marketplace allows multiple vendors to sign up with the app or website and upload their inventory. The website and the mobile apps have been specifically designed to allow customers to not miss out on important life moments while driving all the way to the liquor stores.

Making way for easy delivery of the products, the project also includes a designated driver’s app that allows the drivers to register as delivery personnel with their details and respond to the order deliveries as per the closest distance vicinity or their available timings. The features available in the driver’s app have been implemented keeping in mind the ease of delivery personnel as well as the users.

The web app for the alcohol delivery service further features a dedicated super admin panel that allows the stakeholders to access every data point and report related to user apps, driver apps and store apps.

Confronting The Challenges

The major challenge in creating a marketplace for online booze delivery was to cater to a safe payment gateway that allows the customers to make easy payments and check all their previous orders and history. Secondly, the team was asked to incorporate multiple filters for allowing the customers to choose the products as per their liking as well as cater to multiple uuunyhntags suggested by the clients for the premium products, alcohol on sale and more. Our designers and developers were able to tackle all the major challenges while delivering our clients a replica of their business vision. Furthermore, proving expertise in the field, our team of developers specifically curated different iOS and Android apps for the users as well as the drivers while super admin user support was also offered to the website. Furthermore, the users can also place orders on the website or the web app by adding their details, delivery address and payment info with just a few clicks.

Confronting the challenges
Feature Integrations

The online alcohol delivery system we created makes way for easy mobile ordering of alcohol without having to make efforts to run to a liquor store. The admin panel allows the creators to handle the inventory, dealers, retailers as well as customer information while different panels for the customer, retailer and delivery personnel have been designed to cater a seamless shopping experience.

  • Free Sign Up
  • Super Admin User Support for Web App
  • Largest Inventory
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Price Comparison
  • Easy Navigation
  • Order Notifications/Timeline
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Delivery Personnel Information
  • Selection Filters
  • Retail Store Availability Schedule
  • Customer Support
  • Blogs and Insights
  • Order Timeline
  • Tipping Services
  • Offers and Promos
Tech-Stack Used

Mobile App: React Native

Website: Angular








React Native


Third Party Libraries



React Native Libraries

Notifee, React-native-apple-authentication, BarcodeScanner, Google-sign in, Country-picker, Datepicker, fbsdk, Geolocation-service, Google-places, Firebase Analytics

The Result

The online ordering and delivery system for liquor across the city has been designed as per the custom client requirements thereby bringing alive their vision for a marketplace. The client wanted a marketplace that allows retailers and customers to sell and buy liquor respectively using no-contact delivery. The changing times and adjusting to the new normal with marketplace apps that offer everything to the customers at their doorstep is something Team AppsMaven delightedly offers.