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Gaming is fun and we all know how they just beat every other app category in downloads. If you have a vision then we have the experience to turn that vision into a real smooth game using technologies developed by modern day developers like Unity, Cocos and Corona.

Unity 3D Development

Unity 3D Development

Unity is one of the largest platform used by game developers all around the world to build exciting games like Alto’s Adventure, Shadow Fight and Monument Valley. Their real time 3D development platform has transformed the whole gaming development experience.

Cocos 2D Development

Cocos 2D Development

Cocos is one of the biggest open source platforms used to develop 2D games. A few notable names of games developed on cocos are Hill Climbing, Don’t tap the white tile and Castle Clash: Age of Legends. Cocos games have bagged millions of downloads.

Corona 2D Development

Corona 2D Development

Coronas cross platform abilities and the availability of plugins have made game development very easy. Millions of games have been developed using corona and it’s a huge community of developers from around the world contributing to it. A few games built using corona - Designer City, Zip Zap and Gunman Taco Truck.

Why Us For Games?

We’ve developed over a 100 games and apps till now, all of them are still actively running and are constantly increasing their users base. We’ve developed games ranging from a small 2d UI experience and environment to a highly detailed and realistic 3D UI and experience environments.

Specialized In Games

We’ve got our major experience from game development thus specializing in making powerful and engaging games for our clients, we think and apply scalability options and also help you monetize your games.

Creativity is the Key

Game development requires ultra unique creativity and designing capabilities to really draw the attention of users towards your game and our creativity has helped us stand out amongst other game developers around the globe.

Limitless Opportunity

Games are endless and they will never run out of the picture. Everyday there are thousands of games published on the play store and with the use or AR and VR technology today, games are getting even more interesting.

Monetization and Scalability

Updates are pushed in games more frequently to keep the users engaged and going forward. We also help you scale the app to a level where you can monetize your games and generate revenue through your games.

Put your game idea to action!

Development Process

We carefully design a structured process for your games. Each game is different and they have a specific user base and we understand that therefore we don’t allow ourselves to get fixated on standard procedures but push ourselves to create a new experience with every game that we develop.

The idea & Story
The idea & Story

You must’ve put a lot of thought before coming up with your idea and the story behind it and we know it was difficult to analyze all aspects of the story but once you’ve got the idea covered or are close to what you want, be assured that we will bring your imagination to life and you’d love it.

The experience
The experience

Once we have understood your idea fully, we help you with the kind of experiences a user would like to have while playing your game and we’ll do a few demos, research existing games which come close to what you imagine.

Tools & Platform Icon
Tools & Platform

This is important stuff, post you decide the experience we suggest and select platforms that can be used to deliver your vision. We work with the most advanced simulators and platforms to understand the true scope of your vision and phases of development.

Web Designing Icon

Once we have understood the platform necessary for your game we then get on to the User Interface and User Experience designs with our designers who’ve got extensive experience in making the whole look and feel of the game engaging, the characters relatable, the objects as real as they can get and much more.

Coding Icon

After the whole look and feel of the game has been worked upon, we get our game developers and coders into the game and work their magic around the visulas to connect the dots and add functionality to the designs.

Web Testing Icon

Post development the biggest challenge is to be bug free and smooth in performance, this could get really tough in games because they generate constant traffic if liked by users and sometimes it really goes out of control if not managed well. Thus we test your game in harsh environments and heavy traffic to make it sustainable.

Game Launch Icon
Game Launch

Only when you’re happy to see how we’ve developed the game and its performance is when we launch and constantly monitor its performance in real time to collect data and update the game to make sure things are going just fine.

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