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Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021

Jun 14, 2021

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer

To start with a new venture 10 Web Development Frameworks 2021 or to go ahead with an idea, the first requirement is a set of rules required to design a skeleton for the functioning of the idea. The web world is no different and hence it also requires a framework to function on. This article will feature the top 10 web development frameworks in 2021 to look out for.

Web development framework provides you with a plethora of tools and mechanisms for web designing. It also helps web designers to manage their websites. They help in giving a structure to the application so that the developer does not suffer from containing the website.

There are a couple of things to look out for when choosing the right framework for your application.

The first thing to keep in mind is the purpose for which you desire a framework. Whether you need it to make your website look pretty or you need to have defined functions like segregating underlying logic and UI. Having a defined purpose would make the choice easier.

Keep a check on the license which is being used by the framework. Some of the licenses have limitations such as not being distributed commercially. To avoid such limitations, make sure to go through the licensing details of the framework.

It all comes down to the budget you have. If the budget cannot accommodate personal hosting for the application website, you may need to settle for shared hosting.

Here is a list of the top 10 web development frameworks in 2021:

1. Express

The first space is occupied by the framework Express as it promises many features and is flexible in its usage. The key features to tap upon when looking for a web development framework is to see if it is budget-friendly. This feature is ascertained by express. It is popular among big businesses like Uber, IBM and Accenture and many other businesses because of the agility and the vast array of its features. It has adapted to the new frameworks too. The language used by express is JavaScript which also helps in building APIs.

2. React

JavaScript-based clients are on an increase in the market and the share of this benefit goes to React as well. It is not a framework but does not lose the race when compared to the other frameworks because of its rich user interface. It also stands out because of its flexible features and is considered SEO friendly in the market.

3. AngularJS

Angular has two different frameworks and the audience is always divided between them. AngularJS is fathered by Google and hence proves itself to be user friendly. Moreover, it gives the web developers some already designed out of the box ideas for their web design. Angular JS stands out because of its association with Angular material, a popular design guideline. Hence the hallmark of originality and innovation attaches itself to Angular JS because of Google.

4. Django

The framework which comes with a safety mark is Django. Cybersecurity is the most important factor taken care of by Django. It is written in python and is known for its scalability and dynamic nature. The main feature of Django is that it is a batteries-included framework with wide applications which accounts for everything you need for rapid application development. It works smoothly in the python ecosystem.

5. Vue.js

It is a JavaScript-based framework developed in 2014. It is an amalgamation of two frameworks namely Angular JS and React. It has grown organically to be known for being a community-driven web framework thus landing an important position in the top 10 web development frameworks in 2021. It serves as an alternative to both React and AngularJS. It is a perfect choice for dynamic projects and single-page apps because of its lightweight nature. The features offered are highly flexible and so the integration of third-party solutions becomes easy.

6. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or RoR is a popular open-source backend web application framework. The script used is Ruby programming language. It is known for the agility and high speed in providing web designers with solutions. The primary users of this framework are Airbnb, Shopify and Hulu. It is considered to be a beginner-friendly framework.

7. Spring

Written in Java, this is a model view controller framework and is popular as it is lightweight. It is used for developing powerful enterprise-level applications. Primary users being Wix, Ticketmaster and BillGuard. The programme also has many similar projects which help to boost the performance. The fact that it is written in Java would never render it useless as it is subjected to constant up-gradation.

8. Angular

It is a front end framework that is deployed in building refined single-page applications. Considered to be one of the best platforms for mobile web, native mobile and native desktop development, it helps in creating cross-platform solutions that provide high speed. The primary users i.e., Google, Microsoft and PayPal speak for the credibility itself.

9. Laravel

Written in one of the most powerful languages that are PHP, Laravel is another open-source backend web framework. It is based on the MVC model. It is a beginner-friendly framework. It boasts syntax and various packages that further expand out of box API support. Laracasts, which is a screencast tutorial, helps you to learn about Laravel, PHP and other technologies by providing a thousand tutorials.

10. Ember

And to finish the list of top 10 web development frameworks in 2021, we have another open-source front end framework called Ember. It is not only useful in web solutions but in mobile and desktop apps too it can assist in building modern user interfaces. The most highlighted feature of ember is the testing program which is generated for every new entry. It was named the best JavaScript framework in 2015. The community is dynamic in itself and keeps on bringing new releases regularly. The list of primary users is adorned by companies like Netflix, Google, Microsoft and Heroku. The productivity of the user defines the features of this framework greatly. If the user is successful in eliminating the need for non-productive activities, this framework would serve well.


The frameworks mentioned above would provide all kinds of features required by web designers to build their websites and applications. Moreover, the features are renewed with crispier versions and become more user friendly with the progress in the web world. So using different frameworks would enhance and define the product you present and hence attract a greater audience.

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer