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Best UI UX Design Trends to follow in 2021

Jun 01, 2021

Raman Sama

This article will showcase the best Ui/Ux design trends to follow in 2021. The world has grown at a fast pace but the virtual world has grown at an exponential rate. Globalisation has increased the options and seasoned the people to venture into new designs at every turn. The world of design is the last thing to remain stagnant. As design is the window to the virtual world and thus needs to be on its toes forever.

The internet-savvy have made the world of design the most dynamic when it comes to the growing virtual space. Not only have the designs been dynamic, but the frequency of changing has also increased at a fast pace. The designs which were considered millennial yesterday may take a backseat today because of the evolving trends. Here are some of the trends that the year of 2021 would bring in the world of design.

Here are the few best Ui/Ux design trends to follow in 2021:


The definition of minimalism as provided by Cambridge university says " a style in art, design and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours available and only very simple shapes and forms". We come across a lot of data in our day and we are bound to be overwhelmed by it. To help us recall the information and make it stick with the audience, designers always use the modes which are precise and clear in their message and do not bombard a lot of information in the direction of the users. By limiting the graphic elements used in designing like shapes and colour palette , designers can deliver a suitable model.

Dark Mode

Black has dominated the spectrum of colours for years. It has an elegance and style to it which no other shade is capable of providing thus making it one of the best Ui/Ux design trends to follow in 2021. Setting the screen on the dark mode not only provides us with an appealing look but also brings with it a plethora of benefits. The dark mode when applied on the phone or any other device, makes the text pop out and hence more suitable for the eye. It is also synonymous to power saving mode. The added benefit also entails the reduction in screen glare. This makes the dark mode top the charts of the trending designs used in the era.


The typing style has often been used to mark the hierarchy in an article or to highlight one thing. Even in the simplest of the formats, typographic style has often been used to amplify a thing, establish the body and add style to the article thus making it one of the best Ui/Ux design trends to follow in 2021. Then how can this trend be left untapped by the designers in this era. In design, an amalgamation of different typography styles are used. Just mixing the right styles in the right order to make the piece of design look more flashy is the new normal for the designers.

UX Design

As we move forward, we see our machines becoming more user friendly. Same trend should be followed in designing too. Rather than complicating the interface, they should go towards making it simpler. Form filling is a consuming job , especially when it is to be done on a mobile screen. Making the interface shorter by not adding unnecessary fields, you can build a stronger design. For example, if the field of phone number is provided when a user wants to log in, the field of address could be skipped.

Adapting to Neomorphism

Having been derived from the famous design technique of skeuomorphism, it has largely been used by the designers nowadays. While skeuomorphism essentially describes the objects that mimic their real life subjects, Neomorphism comes with bringing in contrast and colour scheme. The different shades, gradients and shadows align to provide a softness to the interface. The approach of Neomorphism seems futuristic in its style and essence.

Glass Morphism

Adding layers to the design has always been a go to move for many designers. And so, the introduction of glass morphism into the realm of design seems natural. Glass Morphism has a glassy touch in its design. When viewed by the user, they can distinguish the different layers in the design. It gives the user the idea of hierarchy in the item and what is the most important thing to be noticed in the design. The colour scheme in the article needs attention and should be smart.

Distinctive Illustrations

The design stands out if a little bit of quirkiness is added to it. Different designers come up with different designs and most of the time the design seems mainstream. So experimenting with different elements like contrasting colour combinations, unusual angles and a mix of bright colours might turn out to be beneficial. Different formats can be used and put together in the design like JPEG , SVG , GIF, etc to give it an edge and make it more flashy.

Increased Popularity

If the brand image is kept clean and flourishing, the app grows and attracts a larger crowd and hence it helps in increasing the revenue.


When an idea is mainstream in the design world, it stops to generate results and attract the users. Hence to stand out in the herd of different designs, constant change and experimentation needs to be done to stay afloat. There are many more trends which would come to light in 2021 and emerge as a trendsetter for many users. But to use them in the right proportion and mix them in the right amount would always change the game for the designers.

Raman Sama