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Benefits of Xamarin App Development for Your Business

Oct 20, 2020

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer

Deciding between native and cross-platform application development is often one of the excruciating tasks carried out by the organization though at last, the choice depends on the ecosystem of the project, its requirements and the benefits of the platform that suits the task at hand. Usually, cross-platform application development is rather cost-effective while at the same time is easy to use as well as can be run on multiple platforms. This article will shed light on the various benefits of Xamarin app development for your business.

To start with, Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform application development framework whose single technology stack is made up of C# and .NET. The cross-platform application development for platforms like Android, iOS and other mobile platforms is made easy with the help of Xamarin framework considering the developers are allowed to reuse 95% of the code resulting in easy and faster creation of applications.

Xamarin application development is by far one of the most used frameworks by the developers across the world while its popularity and demand are on the rise continuously. Major organizations like BOSCH, SIEMENS, PINTEREST and more are currently using Xamarin for their product development.

Since the developers can create code and reuse most of it on other platforms as well, Xamarin has become a tool for the perfect development. It allows the developers to bring in all the benefits of C# in the development process while at the same time facilitating the use of the same API. In addition to this, being an open-source framework, Xamarin currently features a community of 1.5 million developers worldwide that are constantly working towards making it better.

Xamarin App Development Approaches

There are two approaches to Xamarin App Development for mobile platforms like Android and iOS:

1. Xamarin.Forms allow the developers to attach a C# logic to a visual interface that has been designed and share the code across multiple mobile platforms like Android or iOS as well as Windows.

2. Xamarin Native, on the other hand, allows the developers to create custom applications specific to different platforms like iOS, Windows and Android.

Here are some of the benefits of Xamarin App Development for Business:

1. Native User Experience

Xamarin application development results in the creation of applications that offer native or near-native experience with the use of Xamarin.forms. The frameworks have access to the native APIs that are currently used for platforms like Android, iOS while the nativeness is the result of some platform-specific elements that can be found in C# and Visual Studio. In addition to this, Xamarin.Forms further ensures the creation of convenient UIs for platforms like iOS, Windows as well as Android.

2. Single Technology Stack

Xamarin app development is one of the most sought after ways for businesses to ensure time-effectiveness as well as ease of creation for the developers. The single language in the technology stack that is C# can be used for creating multiple solutions without having to switch the environments, all thanks to the Visual Studio. The single technological stack in the Xamarin Framework makes it easy to use and learn.

3. Shared App Logic

With almost 95% of the code that can be reused once it's written, Xamarin app development is considered one of the easiest tasks to perform. This strategically reduces the amount of time required for the completion of the application tasks while significantly reducing the effort required as well. The developers can run a single codebase across multiple platforms with only a minimal change required.

4. Cost-Effective

Since Xamarin app development framework uses a single technological stack as well as a reusable code, the time required by the developers for development of a single application is significantly reduced while at the same time allows them to release their software faster to the client. Since the entire process is carried out between C# and the Visual studio, the organization only requires a single team to work on the task as it is streamlined significantly thereby eliminating additional expenses required for multiple teams.tart building on a smaller level and scale up moving forward.

5. Integrated Testing

Xamarin test clouds, unlike others, allow the developers to test their application continuously during the development process which thereby results in a faultless code generation. In addition to this, the Xamarin test cloud can be used across multiple mobile platforms to test the application without having to buy multiple devices for individual testing. Finding performance issues before the release of the application makes way for a rather cost-effective solution when compared to other frameworks.

6. Open-Source and Microsoft Support

Being an open-source framework, Xamarin is constantly improving as we say. Apart from this, the framework is backed by the most dominant power in the world that is Microsoft, making it rather scalable, stable as well as robust.

7. Easy Maintenance

Since the frameworks allow code reuse, the application created with the Xamarin.Forms is rather easy to maintain. Applying changes to the source code when concurred with an issue can be ultimately seen on the other aspects as well thereby saving time and money. Apart from this, the large community is always ready to support with issues at hand while providing proper documentation as well as training.

Since Xamarin app development with its many benefits has been proven rather beneficial for business organizations, the popularity of the framework seems no bound in the present times. Developing the mobile application with Xamarin results in cost-effectiveness as well as increased efficiency in addition to getting the native apps like experience as well.

It is one of the frameworks that doesn’t allow any compromise on the quality while at the same time offers time-saving and cost-cutting measures for the organizations. The scalability of the platform in addition to the ease of use further adds to its benefits. However, it is necessary to consult a professional while choosing between native or cross-platform application development considering the multiple business expectations, market trends as well as the client requirements.

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer