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A Complete Guide to Mobile App Maintenance

May 17, 2021

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer

Mobile app maintenance is the process in which the app developer ensures that the complete process of developing the app is bug-free. It envelopes many aspects like improvisations, fixation of the bugs and updating the different features.

As everything needs to be updated in our lives just to keep on track, the virtual world also needs to be updated to refine the resources they provide. It has been recorded that more than fifty-five per cent of the users install and then uninstall the apps in the three months since it has been launched. This gives us the idea that the consumer market has a fast running pulse and there is no room for either old content or bugs. This is where app maintenance comes in.

Advantages of Mobile App Maintenance

Data Security

One of the key features is that app maintenance ensures that the data in your gadget is safe and hence bulletproof from malware and errors. We can monitor how the functions in a segment affect the working of the other segments.

Minimising the need to Uninstall

User experience is the primary thing the app serves and if the user finds any errors in the app, they would not spend time on it and end up uninstalling the application. Hence working on fixing the issues and errors in the apps would strengthen the core and would help drive in the audience and maintain them.

User Experience

Just installation or one-time use by the consumer does not fulfil the need. The user needs to operate the app frequently and to achieve that, the application needs to provide a dynamic and crisp user experience to engage their built clientele. Updating the apps to the trends being followed is the way to keep the user happy with the said app.


Keeping up with the criticism and the problems faced by the users would help the application. Solving the issues which are being reported by the users in minimal time would enhance the user experience and help the application grow.

Keeping up in the Race

There are thousands of applications waiting to be installed and to compete with them, the dynamics of your applications need to be vast and in sync with the upcoming trends and technology. Introducing new features and fixing the bugs in time would be the key factors to focus on. Keeping a close check on the consumer feedback would help you understand more about how you can improvise in building and maintaining the structure of the app.

Cost Cutting

Keeping a closer tab on the application would help the cost efficiency greatly. If the track is kept, we can get to know which feature is being used the most and which feature has turned redundant. hence, the feature which is not being used could be eliminated. Injecting new features and functions in the app can also help in increasing the ROI.

Increases Scalability

When the task of application maintenance has been taken care of, the resources tend to free up and hence the productivity rises. In return, even when the company or the user needs to scale down, the operator adjusts the maintenance cost and service accordingly to suit the needs.

Increased Popularity

If the brand image is kept clean and flourishing, the app grows and attracts a larger crowd and hence it helps in increasing the revenue.

Types of Mobile App Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

It looks after the bugs and issues of the application and helps to solve the bugs in no time.

Perfective Maintenance

It keeps a track of the user database i.e., what features were used by the customer and considering such databases, how to tailor to their needs.

Adaptive Maintenance

It is responsible for updating the application to the new software.

Preventive Maintenance

It is responsible for decreasing the complexity of the app making it more user friendly and prevents it from having any errors.

Corrective Maintenance

It involves the repairing of the existing bugs and defaults in the application which are found in coding and designing.

Best Practices for Mobile App Maintenance

Updating the App on Regular Basis

Keeping with the ongoing trend is very important for the virtual world. By updating the user interface regularly with the ongoing styles and designs etc, the user would get a much better experience.

Monitoring the App

Checking the app for bugs and fixing them in no time would help the application grow. Keeping a close check on the lags, comments and responsiveness of the app would help the application improve. By analysing the user database, you can get a hold of the features that need to be consolidated more.

Licence Checking

Most applications are built on licence technology but it needs to be kept under the radar as well. Renewal of the licence is very important.

Constant Renewal

The addition of new features and elimination of the old features or the less used features helps both in enhancing the user experience as well as cost-cutting

Scheduling Maintenance

Scheduling the maintenance of the system helps you to get ahead of all the bugs and errors you tend to find on the application. This keeps the app updated.

App Perfection

It is impossible to achieve complete success the first time when you develop an app. Hence constant feedback is needed and it needs to be addressed to channelize your resources for a better user experience.


Mobile App Maintenance is the new norm in the virtual world and it needs to be updated. As the offline footprint decreases and the online market expands exponentially, the need of the hour is to have a chiselled user experience for the businesses to grow. With the growth of app maintenance, it has become easier for companies to get aware of consumer needs. Long term investments are the process to ensure higher ROIs and an efficient user experience.

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer