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A Complete Guide to eBook App Development

Nov 01, 2021

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer

With the increase of online screen time, online reading has increased tremendously too. Online books are growing viral in a matter of days or just a few hours. Plus, people now prefer these ebooks in comparison to the conventional hard copies we were at one time fond of. Why spend tons of money on hard copies when you can read just double the books on your kindle?

Books are no doubt the favourite pastime of every avid reader, but readers have evolved with time and era, and their ways have surely advanced a lot. Many ebook apps have come to the market to meet these high-level demands, but only a few of them have made it to the top and have become everybody's favourite reading app. If you are a bookseller in this scenario, having your own personal app becomes crucial for you. You surely don't wanna lag. Well, to develop a simple ebook app, you won't need anything, not even the slightest knowledge of coding. All you need to do is keep your miraculous idea ready and unique, and you are all set to ace this industry too.

Growth of eBook Apps

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Nowadays, the Google Play store is flooded with ebook-reading apps, and most of them are successful. You have to take care of what your reader wants and that the app is smooth. Ebook reading has grown to such an extent that every second person carries an ebook app on their phone. eBook reading has grown not just by reader's curiosity to avert to new options but also due to ease. Why go to a library when you can carry it on your phone?

People have accepted ebooks and this new way of reading books such that there were 90.5 million e-readers in the US by 2018, and they are expected to grow more. Well, it's a perfectly adequate fact that, with the demand increases, the supply too. This is the reason you can find millions of ebook-reading apps on your play store.

So you are surely lagging if you don't have your very own ebook app, and if you are a bookseller, then it becomes crucial to get one.

Types of Ebook Apps

Well, there are many types of reading apps as per your preference and needs, but here we would narrow down your options to just two so that you don't have any difficulty choosing your reading app.

Actual Reading App

This type doesn't provide choices for you but depends upon your choices. All you have to do is pick your copy in any format that is pdf, epub, Mobi, fb2, and so on, and then you are free to stream it or even download it online or offline.

Prevailing Ebook Apps

Well, these apps are just the talk of the modern era. It includes our favourite Amazon Kindle, Play Books, Wattpad, and many more. Wattpad has expanded its reach to a great number of readers and writers simply because of its ease of reading and writing, and it is now not only the favourite of readers but also budding writers.

Well, you can choose the best app for you as per your preference, or you can let the company you approach decide it for you. The choice is always in your hands.

How To Start Developing Your eBook App?

Well, the most crucial point is the starting point, but everybody has to start anyway. After all, you cannot let your dream wait just because of mere hesitation.

The first and foremost requirement for you to start your ebook app is choosing a niche. Don't go for what everybody is going for, go for what you know. But also keep your users' preferences in mind, just like genre, theme, location, etc. You can choose a new, unique theme that will intrigue your users, but the genre is something personal so don't make lose out on that.

The real challenge for you is targeting the audience. It would be best if you surely had an audience for your ebook app, and targeting one can be tiring and full of hassle. Go for simple and subtle marketing tricks, and then everything will fall in line for you.

What Functionalities Would You Need In An eBook App?

Well, reading is a personal experience for everybody so make sure your app does just that. After all, what's the use if it can't provide the readers with what they want to read?

For that, you need to have a specialized My Library functionality in your app so that the reader can choose and segregate his preferences.

You can also go on and provide a Personalized list for your user so that he can easily get what he needs. For that, you need to keep your reader's preferences in mind.

Plus, why not let your reader find what he wants by himself? For that, you will need an advanced search filter to do that for your reader.

Adding on to that, why read books on your own when you can hear it out? That is also possible with the help of audiobooks, and you should make sure you have it in your app. However, the best thing you can provide them is safety while purchasing their books. So ensure your gateway is safe and secure for Payment.

With avid readers, there is a growth in budding writers too. So make sure you provide something for them too.

Earning Through Your eBook App

Well, the whole point, in the end, is how much revenue it can generate. For that, you can provide your users with a monthly premium plan with more variety and features. Plus, you can keep some cool features locked until they pay you for that.

Or you can also include paid books and some exclusive monthly magazines which they won’t be able to resist.


Reading has always been the best pass time for people, not only because of its variation or the changes it has gone through over time but because of the world it opens up to people. We enter and explore a whole new world while we are down reading our book, a world of imagination, and with this modern era, this world has become wider.

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer