A Few Code Extensions to make you a Better Developer

Apr 24, 2020

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer

Are you searching out for some useful VS code extensions that can help you develop better webpages? Then you have hit the correct place as this blog shall enlighten you about the power of a VS Code extension. These code extensions have got a marketplace, and they are comprised of numerous plugins. The plugins can be easily installed into the text editor, and thus it becomes more powerful in action.

This article contains comprehensive knowledge of 15 VS code extensions that are highly advanced and preferred by the new-age developers. If you also want to stay on the beneficial side, then go through this blog and learn about the VS code extensions in brief.


Quokka.js is the first name in this list that has the power of calculating any operation you are typing on your system. The result will then appear in the IDE as Quokka.js shall print it once you complete typing the codes.

Live Server

Live Server will load the web page automatically as you keep on changing the code in your IDE. This will prevent you from loading the page again and again and save a lot of time. You will have to install this VS code extension on your system and then right-click on any HTML file.

As you complete your action, an option will appear on the screen station “Open with Live Server”. You will have to click on this option, and you are ready to get started with Live Server. There is also a shortcut to this VS code extension, and it is by typing Alt key, L, and Q simultaneously.

Code Spell Checker

You must know the importance of a spelling checker very well if you are a webpage developer. It is one of the most imperative applications that any developer's eyes on and Code Spell Checker is precisely so. It can detect common spelling mistakes that a developer may make while typing fast. This VS code extension can be paired perfectly with the camelCase code.

Prettier (Code Formatter)

Formatting the code is very necessary, and if you are a developer, then you will agree no less. Prettier is a code formatter, and it formats the written codes in an orderly fashion. This VS code extension parses the code and prints it again following its pre-set rules. As a developer, you need to invest a reasonable amount of time in formatting your codes but not anymore with Prettier. This code extension will reduce your burden effectively and help you work with your ease.

Prettier is built with a set of formatting standards that will be applied to your codes automatically. But you can also set your formatting standards, and for that, you will have to add a configuration file initially. It should contain the formatting standards you want your codes to display like the length of each line, etc.


The Git application of the Visual Studio Code can be enhanced with GitLens. You can check out the code authorship instantly with the help of Git blame annotations built within GitLens. This VS code extension can give details on Git repositories. It also helps in getting an overview of the codes through powerful comparison codes. There are many other benefits of using GitLens that you shall get to know once you start using it.


You must often face disturbing patterns in your JavaScript codes. The ESLint is a static code that has the power of finding out those codes that have problematic patterns. The user can configure all the rules found in ESLint. You can also make your own rules and load it on the system, and this VS code extension will work accordingly. ESLint is a fantastic example of a VS Code extension that can ensure the quality of your codes and also rectify the problems related to the coding style.


This VS code extension will add icons beside the file names that appear in the tree-view form. The icons will be based on the extension each file has, and thus you will be able to identify your files without any ambiguity.

Live Saas Compiler

Live Saas Compiler will help you in compiling the SASS or SCSS files into CSS files. This whole process can be carried out in a real-time frame along with a live browser reload.

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

This VS code extension contains the snippets of codes used for JavaScript in the syntax of ES6. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets are perfectly meant for the VS Code editor and can support JavaScript and TypeScript.

Browser Preview

You can open a real browser preview inside your editor with the help of this VS code extension. Browser Preview will assist you in locating the bugs in your codes and debugging them efficiently.

Path Intellisense

It is very important to complete the name of each file and path that you use in your code. But remembering them vividly is not an easy task, and this is where Path Intellisense will help you out. It will complete the path names and file names automatically once you enter the initial characters in your code.


If you are looking for a Vim emulator, then there can be no better option than this VS code extension. It is designed for coding with Visual Studio and is a powerful extension that can be perfect for your text editor.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

You can match brackets that can be later identified with colors with the help of Bracket Pair Colorizer. The user is allowed to choose the popular characters that he wants to match with

TODO Highlight

This VS code extension will help you in highlighting the annotations that reside within the code.

Color Highlight

You can check out the CSS colors without opening a webpage with the help of this extension.

These are the 15 most potent VS code extensions that you should use if you want to become a successful web page developer.

Prakunj Chaudhary
Software Developer