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Things That Happen When You Stop Doing SEO

Jun 11, 2020

Harneet Kaur
Digital Marketing Executive

Very often, businesses plan to switch to SEO or take a rest. Some of them believe that a little space will not cause any harm to the websites. But, once a website loses its drive, it gets difficult to bring it back to the desired direction.

So, next time when your client recommends you to take a break from SEO, explain the following consequences that might follow with such a decision.

If you stop publishing correct content

The following things might happen if you stop posting content:

  • Consistent targeting of new terms is at a halt. This leads to fewer new traffic and lesser fresh keyword rankings.
  • No more new pages are created, and thus, the number of links you earn decreases.
  • The addition of new visitors goes down.
  • No such content is generated that can create hub pages, which ultimately leads you to lose on great rankings as well.
  • You lose on social media traffic because of not generating content that can gain shares from the social media platform.
  • Your branded search goes down and discourages people from visiting your site for new posts.

If you don't refresh your webpage

The advantage of correctly refreshing a page is the rise of traffic on it from 10%-30% or even more. This enables Google to see the new text and determine its respective value to provide it a higher ranking in the order. You can refresh your page in many ways such as:

  • By including FAQs on the page.
  • By inserting links to different articles.
  • By updating dates and facts.
  • By adding schema
  • By writing long texts or changing the template.

So, carry out research, categorize the query on the intent basis, analyze the pages with the top ranking, and design a strategy to get your desired page ranked.

If you don't build new pages

It is difficult to build new pages for some industries and easier for another. The smaller firms have minimal terms, but it is endless in terms of large firms or sites like Amazon.

Besides this, a website must continue to target new terms and organize them on the basis of its business goals. Because, if you do not create new pages, the keyword growth momentum will decrease.

I would suggest that you build these pages for SEO, and in general, it would also be useful for paid media and paid search. The idea of building new landing pages not only adds to the website growth but also improve it's quality and conversion rates.

If you miss out the technical issues

Someone who lacks web experience fails to understand how things need no real reasons to break but technical issues. It is nothing out of the context as nearly every site has experienced the technical SEO issues. If you miss the site's technical issues, the following issues might arise:

  • You generate plagiarised content.
  • Your website gets blocked.
  • You push your development site accidentally into the index.

And, when you don't monitor these issues consistently, they multiply. You can relate it similarly to a garden that becomes overgrown if it lacks maintenance. It is crucial to stay correct with recent developments in page speed, mobile usability, and AMPtechnically. And if you don't, it will cost you everything and push you out of the competitive market.

If you don't watch for bad links

If you don't watch for bad links, you will lose control of your backlink profile. And, there is nothing worse than spamming links. When you keep a close eye on your backlinks, you will find that:

  • Google will alert you from sites that are hacked by malware.
  • Competitors will attempt negative SEO on your website.
  • People drag your content and accidentally keep the links in.

It is good to weekly update files for the clients to keep them ahead in the competitive space and lower the risk of poor website rankings.

If you don't watch the stolen content

Copy about three sentences of your website's top landing page and paste it as a quote on Google to search. You will find that other websites have stolen your content. It is very devastating to think about its impact if it happens across several pages of your site. Very often, we notice that either the complete website is duplicated or key pages are stolen, or individual sections are copied from a page.
You need to address this situation seriously and take the steps mentioned below:

  • Write your content again.
  • Ask the website to take your content down or file a DMCA.
  • Send a cease to them.
  • Or contact the hosting company and request them for site removal.

It is very important to watch out for stolen content. Otherwise, it can negatively affect your rankings and business. So, catch the risks from its roots and protect it from the trouble makers who cause content theft.

Final Thoughts

You must understand that there is no need to halt your efforts in context to the SEO. By now, I hope that you have learned how crucial it is to impact your business growth if used consistently. It doesn't matter if you have hired an SEO agency or relying on a DIY approach; once you stop doing SEO, your drop your rankings, website traffic, and there is no looking back. So, take SEO as a business necessity and consider it to be a regular part of your business expenses.

Harneet Kaur
Digital Marketing Executive