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How To Make And Launch Housing App Like Zillow

Jan 04, 2022

Raman Sama

Real estate is one of the most promising and lucrative sectors in the world, and having a Zillow clone app can help you maximize your profits. Housing Apps like Zillow, on the other hand, are real estate websites with a range of functions. One can make the best decision by using Real Estate Apps.

To begin with, housing apps such as Zillow are among the most popular real estate websites today. Zillow is more than a marketplace; it's a virtual social network with a user base that includes everyone involved in the real estate industry.

Digital App For Real Estate Market

You may also keep up with digital advancements in the real estate market and stay ahead of your competitors with the help of a mobile app. You can, for example:

  • Take advantage of big data technologies to allow your consumers to compare properties based on a variety of criteria and select the best choice. Big data algorithms can provide you with estimations for the properties your clients are looking for.

  • Incorporate a machine learning (ML) algorithm. You can save users' preferences, customize in-app alerts, and deliver targeted push notifications using AI-powered technologies.

  • Include virtual tours in 360 degrees. According to the NAR study, purchasers frequently take virtual tours of properties after researching on the internet. These tours give prospective homeowners a feel of what one of their most expensive purchases would entail.

The largest real estate markets, such as Zillow and Trulia, benefit from their applications only.
Building a Real Estate App like Zillow

Building a real estate app may appear to be a challenging task, but it is rather simple if you follow these steps:

Idea Validation: Why You Should Create Your Own Real Estate App

The real estate market is one step closer to digitalization, with apps like Zillow and Trulia helping simplify the difficult house purchase process. Users may use these applications to seek property on the move if you create the correct app. There's no need for them to go to every possible property and location. They may use the app to look at the specifics of the house or apartment and see whether it meets their needs.

A customized app for buying and selling real estate will also help you stand out in the business and attract more clients. Now that it is proven that developing real estate applications is a realistic and good alternative, let's look at the two different sorts of apps that may be created.

Understanding The Types Of Real Estate Apps

When hiring a freelancer or a real estate app development company, you need to be aware of the many types of applications available. There are two types of apps based on how they operate when it comes to real estate mobile app development. The first is a third-party app, whereas the second is an app developed by an agency.

  • The Agency App
    It is specialized to certain real estate agencies, as the name indicates. Customers may easily access all of the properties under their listing and their agents using the agency app, which acts as the company's digital face. The agency app helps them keep track of their market development, such as how many consumers use the app and their demands. It's simply a more effective management and development tool for businesses.

  • Third-Party Model
    It acts as a go-between for clients and agents. The third-party approach differs from the agency app. Users can sign up to be buyers, sellers, or freelancing agents. Freelancers may use the app to post their listings and expand their network.

    Once you've settled on an interface format, the next move is to consider what functionality you want in your real estate smartphone app.

Creating a List of Must-Have Features

After you've chosen an interface layout, think about the functionality you want in your real estate smartphone app. It's critical to understand what features your app or website will provide to users. Some of the characteristics are as follows:

  • Authorization and login option
  • View/Edit Profile
  • Property Listings Page
  • Robust Search and search engine with a range of filters
  • Map-view
  • Property View
  • Messaging facility
  • Reviews & Ratings

Interior Decoration for the App: The UI/UX Design

Following creating a list of top features, it is necessary to build a list of UI/UX design alternatives. The following are some of the possibilities:

  • User-Focused Approach
    During the brainstorming stage, users' needs should be carefully examined. It will help you decide on the appropriate course of action. Examine the websites of your competitors to learn about their strengths and flaws. A good site design not only catches the eye of a consumer and helps them find what they're looking for, but it also increases the productivity of your online business.

  • Usability vs Aesthetics
    A sophisticated website with a lot of "cool and fashionable" animations might occasionally fail when it comes to usability testing. Fantastic design techniques frequently attract customers without assisting a website in achieving its goal. The Non-friendly navigation bar, non-mobile-friendly UI, and high load time are just a few of the common errors made by real estate websites, which need to be avoided.

  • Intuitive navigation
    When tenants, landlords, and property brokers visit a real estate website, they anticipate a pleasant user experience that is guided by navigation.

  • Powerful search tools
    There are a variety of reasons why people utilize the real estate website—specifically, the real estate listings. The brilliant concept is to encourage people to search for things they're interested in based on certain special criteria, such as their lifestyle. Instead of seeing it as a property, they will regard it as an adventure.

The App-Building Technology Stack

After you've decided on all of the features and capabilities, you'll need to choose the right tech stack to put all of those cool features into your app. To get you started in building your tech stack to construct real estate sites like Zillow, below are a few tech stacks that can be utilized:

  • Property applications have a wide range of users, including people from all walks of life. As a result, it's critical to use a multi-platform strategy, in which case you'll require Java to create real estate apps for Android and Swift for iOS.
  • Database: Postgres and PostGIS SQL may be used to connect the system's databases. You may also take advantage of APIs like SimplyRETS, iHomeFinder, and others.
  • The Facebook SDK is required for social network sharing.
  • With the aid of Mapkit, you can design an interactive and customized map.
  • Firebase SDK and Apple Push Notification are two options for push notifications.

Best Way To Generate Money With A Real Estate Website

A real estate website can generate money by offering its visitors the following promotional programs:

  • Premier Services for Agents - Premier Services are real estate agents that pay the website to display adverts and gather leads.
  • Promos - A real estate website can target real estate firms by selling promotions. Sales campaigns are targeted towards real estate businesses.
  • Advertisement - Because lenders, mortgage providers, and other businesses have large marketing budgets, the website may generate a lot of money by selling advertising space to them. The platform might charge a fee based on how many leads are generated.
  • Subscriptions - The mortgage subscription model, in which the portal connects bespoke quote services to the administration platform. It may be sold to brokers and agents through a marketing campaign.

Final Thought

A successful property website requires planning and experience. It's not as difficult as it appears. If you know your target demographic and have a clear concept of how to begin establishing your internet presence, it won't cost much. The websites of well-known real estate businesses stress their corporate design and brand image. The designs are appealing and well-organized.

Raman Sama