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How Technologies changed the landscape of Modern Workspace ?

Dec 28, 2021

Raman Sama

Do you ever wonder how technologies have changed the landscape of modern workspace? Here's your answer.

Technology has taken over the world now, even our workspace. More and more companies are making their workspace technology-friendly as these technological advancements help employees work more effectively and efficiently.

Technological advancements have improved working conditions and have helped most workspaces evolve drastically. It has impacted the workspace so profoundly that there are predictions, technology more specifically, Artificial intelligence will take over the workspace replacing humans.

Statistics say, Up to 93% of workers would trust orders given by a robot. That is an overwhelmingly large number, and people don't mind having a robot as their co-worker.

Many solid factors have contributed to how technologies have changed the landscape of modern workspace. Here are some of them.

  • Created a more productive environment: Our lives are changing significantly and, so is our work. With the fast-growing life, we need technological advancement to help us balance this chaotic life and help us do everything more efficiently. Technology has helped workers optimize time by making everything fast and easy, making us do more in less time thus, creating a more productive environment.

For example, A manager has assigned work to 10 employees with a time duration of 2 hours. He has also asked them to directly post their assigned task on a sheet he has created online. After 2 hours, the manager checked the sheet and verified if the assigned task. Supposing that the manager didn't use this technology of the online sheet, then he would've spent a lot of time going to each employee and checking their work. But the technology made him do it faster with more precision.

  • Helped with Cost management: Technologies are making companies very cost-effective. In addition to the above point, more productivity leads to more profitability. With increased technological advancements, a company does more work and sells more of its products and services. Employees optimize their time and work more. Eventually, making more money.

Like, if a software company employee earlier made software in 5 days with low-grade technology. If he got better technology, he got more features with better technology. He became more innovative and delivered better software in lesser days than before. It will have a beneficial impact on both the company as they'll get a better product to sell and, for the employee who'll get the work done in less time, efficiently.

  • Encourage workspace collaboration: Collaborative workspaces bring people together in a shared environment. Collaborative workspaces using technologies have helped people communicate better and faster. It helps speed up the problem-solving process and makes it more productive. It also assists any company to be more flexible and adapt to the changing environment. In addition to this, Collaborative workspaces help boost employee morale and motivation.

  • Changing mundane office culture: Technological advancements are helping build a much more exciting and pleasurable for the employees. It enables the employees to work more expeditiously and helps them deliver better results. Of course, if a person is happy with the working space. He'll like the job and will work with full potential.

Google has open offices, fitness and wellness centres, group cooking classes, free gourmet meals, a bowling alley, etc. All these amenities make their office one of the best in the world and their employees are much more satisfied and thus, work better.

  • Better security for the company: The technology now is providing companies with end-to-end encryptions in both the hardware and software they use. Technology innovation has also provided companies with so many tools like specific security software, face recognition, fingerprint security, etc. Companies have their algorithm developed to ensure their sensitive information is safe and is accessible only to authorized parties.

There have been many hacking attempts in the past but, with that, the technologies have improved. Nowadays, the software is much safer and reliable.

For example, A firm uses special software to safeguard documents that have all their sensitive information like investor details, company asset details, etc. The software has face recognition and allows only top partners of the firm to access the documents. This technology helps the company ensure its information isn't falling into the wrong hands.

Conducive to Remote Working: Technology has allowed us to work from absolutely any corner of the world. One could be in the mountains of the Himalayas and still be working seamlessly with your team in California, USA. Technology has made it that easy for us to work. You are no longer limited to looking for jobs in your area.

You can look for job opportunities anywhere in the world with technology. You can access the best jobs in any company without boundaries. Especially during Pandemic, it is becoming a haven for many people to find jobs online and even to work from home without risking their lives and going to offices physically to work.

Raman Sama