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How To Create Your Facebook Lead Ads In A Step By Step Manner

Jun 16, 2020

Sunny Singh
Creative Marketing Head

It is very common to find a marketer who is looking to reach newer audiences and generating leads. They tend to collect users’ information from a website via form submission. However, it is not ideal because it makes the users let go of the space where the proposal was promoted. Here comes the ‘Facebook lead ads’ to your rescue as it does not ask the users to leave the platform they are busy browsing.

Let us know what it is and how to set it up step-by-step to use it in your marketing campaigns effectively.

Facebook Lead Ads

It is an advertisement type that can be bought via Facebook for the business platform. They are used by marketers as a lead generation tactic to make your offers access to potential customers. This property helps you to collect lead information from Facebook and also allows the candidate to sign up or request for your offers like free trials or product demos.

These ads are designed by keeping the users in mind, so when the user presses on the lead ads, an auto-filled form is generated by Facebook with the information that they already submitted.

Set up your Facebook lead ad

Let us now gear up to set up your first Facebook Ad. You will require a few things for the prep up:

  • Admin access to your business page of Facebook.
  • Your URL.
  • A creative touch that makes your ad stand out on the newsfeed of a user.

Next, you can reach out to the ads manager, which is a helpful tool for a beginner. Meanwhile, the power editor is an advanced tool of Facebook, which helps to create numerous ads in bulk. So, follow the instructions step by step once you land up in the Ads Manager or Power editor tool:
  • Press on ‘CREATE AD’ in the top right of an Ads manager or click on ‘CREATE CAMPAIGN’ on the top left in case of a power editor.
  • Next screen will ask the objective of your ad campaign, click on ‘lead generation’, and the page will present some pull-down options.
  • Introduce your ad campaign name.
  • Set up all your account details.
  • Select your business page from the available drop-down menu and read the terms and conditions to accept it further.
  • Organize your settings for ad targeting and customize your audience based on their location, gender, age, or language. This way, the ticker to the right will reveal the total audience size you are trying to impact or reach.
  • Prefer Facebook to perform automatic placements for your ad rather than customizing it as it places these ads on the platform where they are likely to perform best.
  • Further, you need to customize your ad budget as per your teams’ decision based on the conducted research.
  • Select the ad layout format and upload images that help your ad to stand out. Remember to test different options which exhibits the best performance over time.
  • Set up your lead ad form. Be specific while customizing your ad’s text, headline, and CTA, so that the user knows what they are getting into.
  • Prefer to collect only selective and necessary information from your leads. Ask minimum questions on the ‘QUESTION TAB’ to maintain the click-through rate of your page.
  • Now, check the settings of your ads privacy policy to assure security to your user’s information.
  • Finally, you can customize your ‘Thank you’ screen and introduce your web link in the respective field to allow your users to visit the site after form submission.
  • Recheck all your work to see if it matches what you thought it to be in the first place. And don’t forget to proofread your work.
  • Click on the ‘Finish’ BUTTON’ to ensure form submission.
  • Make a final click on the ‘PLACE ORDER’ button.


Your ad is not only competing against a user’s Facebook newsfeed spot but also those numerous content that the targeted user is scrolling across the platform. So, here are a few tips to make your lead ad compelling enough to entice a user to click on it.

  • Add visual appeal: To avoid the vast competition and attract the user, it is crucial to add a visual appeal to your lead ads. Upload as many interesting, colorful, bold, and creative assets as possible. Don’t follow the plentiful options just for the sake of making it look appealing but choose those illustrations that also conveys your ad’s objective.
    Experiment with different creative assets and look out for the ones that create success stories with your target audience. Test out the GIFs, videos, and different images to track the conversion rate and plan the strategy for ad optimization accordingly.
  • Create a copy: Your ads copy must have a clear and powerful conveying message that easily enables the audience to understand its relevance. The copy should be compelling enough, which makes the audience request more information. Make sure to add urgency with your ad or include an offer that makes the user sign up for it, then and there itself.
  • Include call-to-action: Design a prominent call-to-action. Don’t be dependent on the ‘learn more’ button but give your audiences a clear and promising value offer. Facebook provides six CTA options, as mentioned below:
    • Apply Now
    • Sign up
    • Subscribe
    • Download
    • Learn more
    • Get Quote

Make such a tempting offer that your audiences find it hard to refuse. Regardless of your discount or subscription offers, ensure that the audience gets what they want when they opt for ‘Sign up’ or ‘download.’

  • Use relevant offers to target the right audience: Don’t trust the spray and pray approach but target those audiences who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Spend your ad budget effectively to receive the most out of the targeting features of Facebook. However, your goal with Facebook ads must be to expand your reach to new audiences, but don’t expect too much too soon.


You can find out who is visiting your website with the help of tracking pixels and nurture them to drive conversions through the use of lead ads. You can successfully attract many qualified leads just by testing, analyzing, and optimizing. I hope that the free guide provided above is helpful to make you walk through the importance of lead ads.

Sunny Singh
Creative Marketing Head