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Best SMM Tools for Marketing Experts

Apr 16, 2021

Mohit Yadav
Sr. Digital Marketing Executive

SMM Tools for Marketing Experts Social Media is a platform that is now much more than just socializing. It is one of the biggest resources for brands to interact with their audience. So much so that social media has changed the way brands market themselves. And social media is an ever-evolving space that has witnessed the introduction of new trends, technologies, and even new platforms altogether. These changes majorly influence how brands communicate with their audience to promote their products, and how the consumers respond to them.

Along with the evolution of the platforms, the supporting tools that assist marketers in engaging with their audience in a creative way & track activities have also changed. While you must be up with the latest Instagram version, creating static posts & reels to engage with your audience, is your tool kit up-to-date as well? If not, it’s time to review & update. And you are just at the right place as we’re going to take you through the latest tools that are going to help you this year in creating engaging content and supercharge your social media efforts.

Here are some of the best SMM Tools for marketing experts:


Buffer is the scheduling tool for social media posts that allows you to share content on multiple networks & accounts from just one place. It can be used in the form of a Chrome extension for sharing creative content across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can integrate your Buffer account with 50 social media accounts and even add up to 10 team members to ensure a healthy workflow.

It also has a blog section that is great for social media managers. The blogs are designed to help them with case studies & extensive guides, which is not only a great place for beginners but also experts to keep up with the trends. Another thing that makes the buffer stand out is its extremely user-friendly and clean interface accompanied by simple and easy-to-understand analytics features.


To focus properly on the top priorities for your growth, it is important that everyone in the organization can relate to the work being done, Don’t give out vague instructions on how to achieve an end goal. Instead, be more specific and give concrete achievable targets and instructions. At the same time increasing the number of goals does not convert to a more productive team.

To use Feedly, you need to add the RSS feeds of the writers & blogs you follow for content ideation. The tool gathers all your preferred content in the form of a daily magazine delivered to you in your inbox. This way, you can stay in touch with what is trending amongst niche influencers so that you can, too, join the conversation on the latest industry events & happenings.

This app can be your end-to-end support for content creation and scheduling as it integrates your Feedly account with platforms like Hootsuite & Buffer. Now, you can schedule your social media posts from your Feedly account and save a lot of time & effort.

Social Clout

With thousands of brands that are striving to gain engagement, competing for the spotlight on social media via likes & engagement has become difficult. While you might have multiple tools to schedule posts & track competitors, to create meaningful content that your audience likes, you need to analyze which post gained more engagement with the help of metrics that matter.

Social Clout is a social media marketing tool that is designed to suit modern-day needs. Instead of providing you with vanity metrics, it creates insightful reports that track engagement and compute your social media ROI. It helps you in making informed decisions by presenting demographics on posts/platforms that drive the best engagement and/or conversions.


Hiring professional designers can be expensive, especially for startups that are willing to expand their social media presence but have limited funds & requirements. Canva tool come in handy in this situation, as it does not require the knowledge of complicated tools like Photoshop. Canva is an image editing & creating software that is created for non-designers to make stunning designs for social media posts.

It offers thousands of templates in different sizes for Insta feed, story, Facebook postings, banners & more. You can pick any template and play around with elements, font sizes, colours, etc. by replacing and adding new ones. You can upgrade to its premium version at a very low cost. Designing could have never been easier, thanks to Canva! It has powered some of the biggest brands like BuzzFeed, driving almost half a billion in traffic every week.


Imagine if Facebook could tell you that “Hey! all your audience is online now. This is the perfect time to post your content.” Well, what if that is possible? With Edgar, you will know what is the right time to send out which post on social media.

Edgar keeps a track of your old posts and reposts the ones that have done well in the past. This works well as your social media followers keep increasing and it is unlikely for them to scroll down to check out your older posts. Also, content that has done well in the past has a high chance of driving engagement again.

It not only helps you determine the schedule for old but new posts as well. It is a smart tool that knows when is the most preferred time for your audience to interact and shares your content accordingly. It also categorizes your posts based on target demographics and audience to determine which kind of post can get a good engagement with which followers.


B2B marketing can be tough to crack. Socedo makes that easy by automating B2B lead generation, which can otherwise be quite a monotonous & repetitive task. Also, as a social media manager or entrepreneur, handling campaigns itself can be a handful requiring coordination between various social media efforts, generating content & so on.

Socedo auto-generates leads so that you can present your content to the right audience & boost conversion. It uses a combination of demographic criteria & keywords to find & engage with your audience across multiple social networks.

From designing to scheduling, content creation, our set of tool recommendations will help you through all. While there are multiple tools available in the market, it’s a better idea to stick to one set and use it efficiently. So get ready to explore these and boost your ROI by many folds.

Mohit Yadav
Sr. Digital Marketing Executive