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Artificial Intelligence Implementations in Web Development

Aug 18, 2020

Raman Sama

With the rise in technological advancement, every modern web user out there is now looking for a personalised user experience whether when it comes to web applications. Having a web application that is highly secure as well as scalable is need of the hour while one further expects it to be productive with multiple modern features to put the user at ease.

The web applications ever since their existence have been developed with a focus to offer unprecedented user experience, and that has formed the basis of web development from ages. The evolution in a web application has reached heights due to the significant advancement in technology. However, customers out there still wish for something extraordinary or out of the box that screams perfection.

Since the users are now more keen on getting customized content with an exemplary UX, the role of Artificial Intelligence in the web application is rising at lightning speed. Hopefully, it’s not going to stop so soon.

Artificial Intelligence has paved its way into technology by redefining the traditional web development techniques and infusing them with new concepts that entirely focus on offering a better UX.

To delve further into the topics, let’s first understand AI (Artificial Intelligence):

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a field of study in Computer Science which focuses on making the computer and its applications smart. It is used to create intelligent machines that can think and learn from the results. AI is used for the creation of human-like intelligent machines that can think like humans, learn like humans, plan like humans, recognize voices and solve issues. AI has found its use in multiple areas involving technology and development; thus are the need of the hour for offering interactive UX.

Be Extremely Specific While Outlining The Task

To focus properly on the top priorities for your growth, it is important that everyone in the organization can relate to the work being done, Don’t give out vague instructions on how to achieve an end goal. Instead, be more specific and give concrete achievable targets and instructions. At the same time increasing the number of goals does not convert to a more productive team.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Society

Coming to think of it, AI has already redefined the meaning of modern life. The things we have seen in the movies that are based on the AI, the reality now is very close to them. For society, the AI is a boon that has portrayed the message “let the machine play your role”. Now everything related to development, design, infrastructure, production and more can be handled by the machines while lessening the work at the human end.

Since machines based on AI can further evaluate the data gathered from around the world and learn from them, they are the best tool businesses can get to analyze the competition and the user requirements at an intimate level.

One such example of AI that has been doing wonders for the general population out there is Amazon’s Alexa which is essentially just a voice-operated virtual robot that analyzes the data fed to it and learns to offer a better UX to its owner.

Implementing AI in Website Development

Since the number of users searching for every product or service in eCommerce websites is increasing every single day, every mainstream organization is now looking to delve more on AI-enabled sites when compared to the traditional ones.

Certain reports also suggest that the revenue that is expected to be calculated with the implementation of AI by the end of 2025 would be around $125 Billion. Thus, every web development organization is now keen on getting profits and work done through AI.

According to the statistics, there are more than 75% of the users that define the credibility of the website just by looking at its design while more than 38% users are bound to leave the website just because of an unattractive UI. More than 88% of the customers are unlikely to visit the website again if they concur a lousy user experience the first time.

Thus AI is the approach to taking care of all these parameters. Since defining credibility according to the customer depends on the UX, AI is the key to master the problem.

How AI Contributes to Web Development

There are more than 50 million AI Use Cases out on the internet that can dwell on the importance of AI. Every use case has been specifically designed to offer a better UX to the customers while at the same time, vary according to the website niche.

According to the statistics, more than 80% of the customer relationships will be managed by AI rather than human interaction by the end of 2020.

The advancement in AI, as well as machine learning, has made it easy for the developers and designers to create websites that are rather intuitive and can offer the best UX as compared to the ones developed by taking a traditional approach.

Chatbots for Personalised UX

Since the ideology is to create an interactive website that offers the best UX and customer satisfaction thus, in turn, driving more sales, the chatbots are now the AI-based tools that come in handy. The chatbots are intentionally put on the websites to offer the best UX to the customers by mimicking human interactions. AI is redefining the customer journey across the website with the use of chatbots that ultimately provide an improved interaction with the customers thereby reducing their dependency on the resources. They are the key to reducing human interaction while solving the issues generated while navigating. AI chatbots are just deployed to predict the correct response to every customer query.

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

ADI is the technological advancement every organization is rooting for these days. It is a technology that builds websites on its own by implementing machine learning. All humans have to do is input the design elements, and the ADI will generate an interactive design based on those within a minimal timeframe that is impossible to achieve otherwise.

Here are some of the most sought-after ADI tools in the market:

  • Adobe Sensei
  • The Grid
  • Firedrop
  • Wix ADI

Voice-Based Search

Since the future of most website interactions in the coming years is expected to be based on voice search, the underlying ideology on the same is AI. Since an interactive and modern website now supports voice search and has optimized for the same, it makes it easier for the users to get access to a service or a page they are looking for without having to navigate the entire website. The eCommerce sector is already booming with the optimization for voice search where AI plays a vital role. AI is responsible for offering consistent and clear communication between the buyer and the seller thereby offering an interactive UX. Every business is expected to invest in AI-based virtual assistants to help their customers look for everything over the website easily while maintaining user satisfaction.

Some of the real-world examples of virtual assistants based on AI are:

  • Siri
  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Cortana

Advantages of Implementation of AI in Website Development

  • Speed by the customer searches
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Paves the way for an effective digital marketing strategy
  • Improves website interactions
  • Offer personalised user experience

AI is the key to bridge the gap between the customers and the businesses. It is one of the most sought after technologies to be implemented while creating marketing strategies for a guaranteed improvement in the ROI. AI in parallel with machine learning can answer the questions to some of the predictions like what exactly the customer wishes to buy next, what are his preferences according to the data gathered, what are the mediums used by the customer for visiting the website, the ideal customer location, time and many more.

The future of web development is expected to be changed drastically where the self-learning and self experimenting AI-based programs will be taking over the entire development and design process. AI is bound to become an essential part of the web developer’s toolkit to survive in this highly competitive world.

Raman Sama