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Feb 14, 2022

Mohit Yadav
Sr. Digital Marketing Executive

Marketing professionals help in every possible way to enhance your brand and your brand products. In this article, we will share in full-detail on how to excel at newsjacking and build credibility for your brand and get increased attention.

Newsjacking is one of the valuable marketing tools to have in your pocket. Anyone can utilize it for any purpose, such as blogs, businesses, and different social media channels. It helps to boost your brand recognition.

Newsjack allows you to make your product go viral, act as a trending topic, make a difference, and often be remembered by the people. It is one of the popular strategies to increase the potential of your brand at a minimal budget. Furthermore, it can increase traffic to your blog website. It can become a successful news campaign but you might have to run several hit and trials methods to do so.

There are plenty of ways to deliver the news. It is one of the techniques to leverage the relevant information about your brand. The news has to be short and to gain exposure in a short life span.

Here are some of the factors to gain exposure:

  • Always be creative
  • Deliver humour and emotions
  • Use current data
  • Share expertise and advice
  • Create unique perspectives and deliver different approaches.

Using current data and sharing expert advice is one of the best ways to bring traffic to the content or brand. Newsjacking also helps to bring in new clients while elevating your brand awareness and increasing audience attention. It is one of the marketing strategies to build your brand and gain customer attention towards your brand, get attention from a customer in a short lifespan and more.


There are two different types of Newsjacking

  • Future and plannable events
  • Current and Unpredictable Events

Future and plannable Events

This news includes futures that have been planned for a long time. In this Newsjacking, the team has enough time to collect more information and for detailed planning. However, one needs to know the other company's brand to make the competition stronger.

For example, the Soccer world cup is one of the big global events which has been pre-planned to create the base for marketing. It is one of the ways to excel at Newsjacking.

Current and Unpredictable events

It is short shelf life span news. It is difficult to merchandise and gain people's attention over a short interval. In a short period, they have to filter the news and story it carefully. If you choose the wrong or false content, it will affect the reputation of the company very badly.


It requires constant and diligent efforts. Here are some of the steps to make a trending news

Create vigilance in yourself

To become successful Newsjacking, the news should be fast. It should gain public attention in a short time. It must take place in the trending topic.

So Ask your marketing team to keep an eye on social media daily. To produce trending topics, several social media platforms monitor industry news, mainstream media feeds, etc.

Use some of the tools to get update alerts on trending hashtags and brand and industry. It is one of the ways to excel at Newsjacking.

Gather all the information

Since fake news is highly prevalent these days on social media, fast check and confirm if the news is 100% factually accurate. If you find any trending news, first cross-check it.

If you choose the wrong or false content, it will affect the company's reputation very badly. It will damage the reputation of your company online. Research as much as possible so that one can produce good quality content about your brand.

Get ready for battle.

Don't try to add all the trending news to the brand of your company. Select the topic that is related to your company's products. Capture the audience's attention in a short time interval. Add all the creative items and important information to make the content informative.

Create a unique content

Prepare some unique, attention-grabbing content about your brand. It will help to expand your business and help to increase brand awareness and brand reach. Adding more uniqueness will attract the audience. comedy content reaches great attention. That is the main reason why memes on social media get lots of attention. It is one of the ways to excel at Newsjacking.

Treads carefully

Several companies have a bad experience with Newsjacking. They have been criticized for some period. In such a case, your new unique Newsjacking might be the solution for all the wrong criticism. But check with your management team twice before the telecast of the news.

Put your brand image first.

Even though Newsjacking delivers news in a short period, align your brand image with the news. So that it has a high chance of increasing attention to your brand.

Promote and publish

Once you are done with all the processes, start the distribution. Promote some social media posts on your brand's social Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
Add some hashtags related to your content. Increase high organic traffic to your brand channel by good news.


Here are some of the tips to execute your Newsjacking successfully. They are

  • Come up with fast speed and accuracy. Create unique content to gain public interest
  • Don't come up with news about tragedies. Avoid the news about death and other sorrowful incidences. Always come up with positive and neutral stories.
  • First, promote your brand name and go with the sale of the particular product. If you put your sale first, then only less number of people will read about your brand. It may hurt your promotion to your brand.
  • Analyze the audience's mind before the promotion of the brand. If the people don't like the particular way of Newsjacking, then change it into another way.
  • Bring new outlets. Come up with the latest trending, not with the re-reporting news.
  • Don't copy anyone's ideas. It will create bad remarks on your brand. Create unique, attention-seeking news for your brand. It is one of the ways to excel at Newsjacking.
  • Don't get involved in controversial issues. Try to stay neutral.
  • Since it involves people's emotions, make sure to hijack a piece of news successfully.

Mohit Yadav
Sr. Digital Marketing Executive