Understanding AWS Solutions For IoT

Nov 15, 2019

Raman Sama

AWS is synonymous with the internet. Today some of the biggest websites are using Amazon web services to host their websites. What makes amazon web services such a lucrative option for the people is the fact that there is absolutely no downtime that your website suffers from if they are up on the AWS.

Amazon has diversified over the years, this e-commerce giant is now the owner of the largest, most diversified group of companies. Let this line be a reminder of how you never get to the top spot by just devoting all your time to one venture.

Today we will talk about Amazon in the context of IoT, Internet of Things. Everything we now own belongs to the cloud. A lot of what we own as you know is electronics.

IoT is the future and you Amazon which is right there, ready to capitalize on it. AWS offers solutions that help with the connection, storage, collection and analysis of data. This need of the hour also fuels the connected devices in the IoT interact with other cloud applications and devices.

AWS is essentially like outsourcing all your infrastructure worries to a company that has the capability to deliver solutions in a more effective manner.

So, what makes IoT so much better than all the other solutions available in the market.

Design to Operate At Scale

The data being transferred right now between devices and on the internet is unparalleled. The cloud architecture of AWS is designed to cater to the overflow of information. They do it by sending all data to a buffer or in a queue before actually storing it.

All data is then published to the AS kinesis or as per the rules set by the AWS IoT and then finally forwarded to the AWS SQS and Kinesis for storage. Furthermore, the data stored is also used to generate a custom dashboard.

There are two essential parts of this architecture.

Amazon Kinesis

This is a messaging queuing service that is used for services like decoupling and scaling microservices, sever less applications and distributed systems.

Amazon SQS (Simple Query Service)

This is a messaging queuing service that is used for services like decoupling and scaling microservices, sever less applications and distributed systems.

The Ability to Deal with Massive Amounts Of Data

A major concern with online data is the security attached to it. Every alternate day with it brings the news of a new breach in online privacy. So how does amazon say it will handle your data?

The process begins with the data being redirected to an SNS, which is designed to handle both floodings as well as the processing of data. Further, it is also the reason that the data is secure, all of this before it even reaches the managing, processing and directing part of the process.

Alternatively, data can be stored in a queue, kinesis, Amazon S3 and redshirt before being processed. This is also a safeguard against the loss of data during message overflow or any other implementation issues.

Offline Working and Processing

Data is stored on the cloud might not be the most convenient solution every time. For this anywhere that you feel connectivity is an issue, AWS Greengrass can be used on the edge.

This speeds up the processing and filtering of the data in the absence of connectivity and allows for the capture of data on the edge, till the time connectivity's restore and the data can be sent to the cloud for safekeeping.


Due to the variation in IoT devices, there is also a difference in the format and scale of the devices sharing information.

The data thus varies largely and is not best managed by a single database or storage area. So, it becomes imperative that one selects the database with utmost care. The options are usually single database or hybrid data center, The decision has to be made on the basis of the purpose of storing the data and to achieve scalability and maintainability.

Learn To Share Responsibility

People love when they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. With problem identification and solving the concept remains the same. Make some time for your team to come up and indulge in problem-solving.

Innovation is not a one-person job and the onus does not lie on just one person to work their way through it.

Everyone's understanding of problems, the ability to conceive them it vastly different depending on their personal experiences.

Data segmentation

The vast amounts of data being collected via IoT pose a challenge of being processed before being stored. To counter this the AWS platform directs all its messages to various services and an architect is built.

This architect has the ability to segmenting data while the processing is going.

IoT is not a single plane process, Technology needs to evolve beyond just controlling, processing and extracting of data. This is why the adoption of technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and data sciences are being adopted to develop comprehensive solutions.

Systems are undergoing stark changes and IoT is about to revolutionize we thought about connectivity. AWS has sought to make the whole operational process highly efficient and by using the optimal tools you too have this power right at your fingertips. With quick device connectivity, multiple protocol support and secure data processing there is really not much stopping you from using AWS services.

Raman Sama