Top 5 Free Game Development Software Tools

Apr 13, 2020

Raman Sama

Are you having an idea for a game in your mind? What if you could get an opportunity to bring that idea to life without the need for any prior game development experience? Nowadays anyone and everyone can start developing a video game if they have access to the right set of tools and knowledge

Below are some of the most popular free game development tools that you can put to use to bring your idea to life. The software discussed in this article is ordered from the simplest to the most complex.

Construct 3

No knowledge of programming is needed

Construct 3 is the best game development environment for those not familiar with coding languages. This game development tool is completely powered by a GUI that allows the users to drag and drop items while building a game.

Compatible with multiple platforms

One of the most notable features of construct 3 is that it is compatible with a host of different formats and platforms so showing the user does not require manipulating any part of the game to be played on different platforms. After completion of the game, you can simply export to your desired platform like Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox one, HTML5 and more.

Adequate documentation

Construct 3 some of the most comprehensive documentation methods ever seen on a game development tool. Along with it you also get the support of several tutorials that will help in understanding the concept.

Asset store

Since most of the programmers do not have adequate skills in animation, art, or music. Construct 3 allows users to purchase readymade assets available at the Scirra store. Most of the acids are affordable but if you're looking for professional quality staff then it can be a bit expensive. You also have the option to purchase sample games that help learn different aspects of game development.

Pocket friendly

The free version includes most of the basic features but it is limited to only 25 events. You will have access to two object layers, 1 web font, two simultaneous special effects, and export option to HTML5 and no permission of selling the game in the free version. The personal license is priced at 99 dollars per year and you will have access to all the resources without any restriction.

Game Maker Studio 2

Support coding or drag and drop

Game maker studio allowed the users to create complete games by making use of variables and game logics with the drag and drop interface. Users can also choose to add better features to the games using coding languages.

Freedom of publishing on every platform

Games developed using this tool is compatible with Linux, Windows, HTML5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. However, the free subscription does not allow the user to export their games on any of these platforms.

Detail history

Game Maker Studio 2 is developed from the earlier version of the game maker studio that was released back in 1999. Presently it is considered as one of the most popular game development platforms available to the users. New features and updates added at regular intervals to make it even more user-friendly.

Integrated features

Game maker studio 2 stands out due to its integrated high-end features like users can choose to add in-app purchases to their games, real-time reports of user experience, multiplayer networking, third party extensions and more.


The free version includes most of these features but there are certain limitations like export restrictions, complexities which creators grossly offer for only subscriptions.


Compatible with 3D and 2D

Unity game development engine and its journey as a 3D platform, 2D support was included in the latter in 2013. Since the 2D system is integrated over the 3D environment users encountered glitches and bugs while developing 2D games.

Object-based design

Object-based design feature allows users to attach different components to every object as each of the components affect the behavior and logic of the game. This feature helps in making the game much more intuitive.

Comprehensive documentation

To make complete use of this game development platform a good knowledge in C# is necessary. But the popularity of unity among veteran developers have made thousands of tutorials available on the web which will help you in getting started.

Asset store and pricing

Like the game development tools discussed above unity also has a store of 3D models, HUD graphics and environmental textures that you could use in your games. The best part about this tool is that the personal subscription plan is completely free and does not restrict any of the features. Developers earning more than$100,000 annually only need to subscribe to the plus plan.

Godot Engine

Supports both 2D and 3D design

This game development platform supports both 2D and 3D game creation. The performance of both this tool is much better than the unity as the 2D development system is carefully developed to avoid bugs and provide a seamless workflow.

Scene based designing

With this tool, the development architecture is slightly different because every aspect of the game is divided into scenes. This model of game design is very easy and also helps in keeping the development process organized.

Integrated advanced features

Integrated features like push processing, already: physics, built-in editors, networking, live source control, hot reload and much more is what makes it stand out.

Open-source platform

Godot is the only game development platform that is completely free because it holds an MIT license. Users can develop games like and publish them over multiple user interfaces without any restriction.

Unreal Engine 4

Created by industry experts

Among all the tools that are mentioned previously this is the most professional-grade environment. Developed by professionals working with the unreal franchise this is undoubtedly the most top end game development that includes most advanced features.

Scene based designing

With this tool, the development architecture is slightly different because every aspect of the game is divided into scenes. This model of game design is very easy and also helps in keeping the development process organized.

Top of the line features

This is the quickest game development environment with integrated features like hot reloading, live debugging, instant previews, streamlined asset pipeline, artificial intelligence, post-processing effects, cinematic tools, and more.

No coding is required

One of the most notable features of UE4 is its integrated blueprint system that allows the users to develop game logic without any coding. Its advanced features give the user the freedom of developing entire games without using any source editor.

The game can be published across multiple platforms

Like all other engines, UE4 also allows export features to multiple platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, HTML5, Oculus VR, Xbox One, Linux, etc.

Clever pricing

You get access to all the features as a free user but you will have to pay a 5% royalty you have earned 3000 dollars per game every quarter.

These are the top five game development tools suitable for veteran developers and hobbyists. But if you are looking forward to serious game development then consider learning to code. Take a deeper insight into the prerequisites of game development and enhance your skills to become a professional game developer.

Raman Sama