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How to Turn your Lead Generation Tools into Action

Apr 03, 2020

Harneet Kaur
Digital Marketing Executive

There is nothing as important as generating business lead in a sale process. Either it is a blasting social-media response or printed flyers for brand ads or mailers, no matter how committed you are to jazz up your product to offer it at the best reasonable price, the business will crash if it lacks the leads.

Even with a product of average quality and average performance, you can earn more profit if you can generate more leads as it ultimately leads to revenue progress.
To gain the number of potential clients, let’s take a look at the 40 smart ways that can help you generate more business leads.

Have a Vision and Clearly defined Objectives

It is important to have goals and values that make your potential customers aware of your strategies and your branding approach. The mission that your company follows and the values that you are dedicated to delivering your customers is the first step to generating leads.

Research on Customer Demand and Market size

Try to understand your niche and figure out the ways to meet the demands of your audience. Take a competitive analysis of what your game should actually be about. Know your competitors and strategize according to them.

Send out a clear Message

Use your voice for a clear message. Make it evident that how your values differ from others in the market. Try to sync your message with your values and your position.

Have Visual continuity across different platforms

Maintain a visual standard of your website through colors, type, pattern, and styles. Follow this through all your social networks, offline materials, and email marketing content.

Website Design

Your website is a great platform to generate leads and pull more traffic. Make sure to use it wisely in order to build trust and share valuable information with your audience.

Research Keywords

Keyword research is an important part before making the sitemap as it helps to align with web pages with the most searched phrases or keywords.

Sitemap Navigation

The navigation of the sitemap by the visitors is determined by the organization of webpages on your website. Make a sitemap in such a way that reflects how search-friendly the pages are before they tend to generate leads.

Have User Friendly Web Page Layouts

Wireframes modify the user experience and thus, it is a planning tool. These black and white layouts affect the ease of updates and search-friendliness of the page. It is the wireframes where the planning of responsive web pages is carried out.


While wireframes deal with structure, moodboards reflect the style. Visual continuity is executed online with button styles, background treatments, and colors.

Design and Development

A combination of moodboards and wireframes reflects storyboard designs that are converted into web pages through HTML and CSS and next through integration and database development.

Final Browser Testing

Double check everything to ensure that it works properly on mobile devices and desktops. Take care that the pages are free from bugs and they quickly load each feature.

The Strategy behind your Website Content

Finalize your website content before its development is complete. Try to identify the desires of your audience and what is their concern with your product. Align and tone the necessities of your audience with your content.

Write up and Editing

Make correct use of the target phrases and be concise while writing your reader’s minds. Format attentively and ensure that the content is accurate and on-point. However, web content is fast, free and easy to change at any time.

Content Entry

Make final content entry into the content management system including the page titles, images, metadata, and videos. Check all the formatting like bullets, headers, and links for one last time.
Launch: This is a big day for enterprises. As the design and content are all set, make sure that no small issue delays the launch in any possible way.

Create Valuable Content

A website with no content would simply be an online advertisement. Add informative content such that it is helpful for your website visitors to invest trust in you that ultimately generates leads.

Have a Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing strategy is based on time, money, and people. An effective plan is based on the frequency alignment that satisfies the needs of the audiences. It will help if we create personas or publish calendars as a part of the plan.


If you research before you share, your article can be counted as valuable content on the website. This is because shreds of evidence speak louder than an opinion piece.


Work in the format that is convenient for your audience to reach out to you. Use either a content checklist or content template among the many options available that suit your team the best.


Try to curate content from different sources such as interviews, different articles or recaps from events. It is not just an efficient way to add great value to your content but also introduces your own perspective and insights.


Perform editing of your content carefully to avoid publishing any typos along with it.

Publish your work

Publish your post with the help of a URL. Stream it live and try to insert the videos on your site through a professional hosting service.

Conduct Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a type of search engine marketing that helps you to move your produced content at the top of the searches. It increases traffic on your website.


Submitting high-quality and valuable content to the relevant blogs can earn you a consistent inbound link. This way you can display your message in front of new visitors and make new audiences/friends.

Linking Public Relations

Great linking opportunities can be created by some public relations activity. The professionals who know the worth of links can take the attention of the media so that they succeed in seeking authoritative links.

Offline Marketing Activity

Offline marketing is also capable of generating potential search benefits beyond search optimization. Activities like sponsorships, advertising, partnerships, and events can create multiple link opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great source of generating potential leads for your business as there is a heavy gathering to connect with everyone around you. Creating a page and updating it regularly can engage your followers.


Build your connection with a list of people such as editors, journalists, influencers, and bloggers. Research for blogs and publications carefully before you pitch the content.

Pitching Content

Pitching content and social media goes hand-in-hand. Act thoughtful and submit your content with sensitivity to the blog audience.

Share on Social Media Handles

Make use of target sharing to post your content on social media and increase its visibility. Don’t hesitate but feel confident to share your content multiple times.

Social Media Networking

Don’t occupy your page timeline with just promotional posts but use it as a tool for networking. Talk to people and move the interaction from social sites to email or face to face meetings.

Email Marketing

Companies own their social media and search engines but you can use your email to engage your subscribers which would lead to lead generation automatically.

Template Design and Production

Make sure that the template of your email is easy to manage, mobile-friendly, and lightweight. Design your subject line such that it makes people curious and craft your teaser text well to maximize click throughs.

Note the Frequency

Notice the timing and frequency of your audience when they are more likely to open. Plan the number of e-mails according to your sales cycle. Make quality delivery as your goal, not quantity.

Keep Testing

Google URL builder can be used to track and compare the campaigns. Email marketing can easily track the room for experiment and improvement.

Use Tracking and Analytics

We can use it to carry out optimization, real analysis or check the consequences of experiments performed.

Traffic Levels and Traffic Sources

It is important to analyze if the traffic is up or down and which channel is promoting effectively. The total number of traffic generated and its sources are an important number to keep in mind for lead generation.

Measure the Performance of your Content

Measurement of performance includes which content or topic is pulling more visitors and how successfully they are generating more traffic.

Measure Conversions

The product of total traffic and conversion rate equals the lead generated which is the bottom line.

These are some of the effective tips to generate leads. Though it involves a lot of steps, it’s worth going through them as there is no stepping back from transforming your business. I hope you find it insightful and kindly let me know if I dropped anything.

Harneet Kaur
Digital Marketing Executive