Health and The Office: A Guide To Help You Be In The Best Shape

Sep 13, 2019

Raman Sama

The lines between work and personal life have been blurring. The latest generation of employees entering the workspace are no longer looking for a balance but rather the integration of the two facets of their life.

The concept of integration might seem like a highly lucrative option for employers, as it ensures that their employees are committed to their jobs. But what is the point of people working if they can't perform their best?

Good performance in the workplace is an amalgamation of both physical and mental well-being. A statement often heard in workplaces is that there is a severe constraint of time associated with keeping up healthy habits. Listed below are some things every employee can follow to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Eat Healthily

It is said that you are what you eat. This has never been truer than right now. At work, it becomes easy to consume whatever is in sight and more often than not, this usually isn't exactly the healthiest option.

Start your day with a satisfying protein-rich breakfast to power through the day. For your lunch try to meal prep in advance. Food found in and around your office might be healthy but high in calories. The key to eating healthy is all about balance. Pack a lunch that has a balance of lean proteins, carbs, fats, and vegetables for optimal energy throughout the day.

Snacks might give you an instant spike in energy but this almost always leads to a slump which can affect your work. Try opting for healthier options such as almonds, bananas & oranges over the more sugary options.

Cut Down On Caffeine

Most people don't even begin to function properly without a cup of coffee in the morning. There is a good reason behind that, coffee is a great stimulant. But it is one that affects everyone differently. Consuming too much of it has been proven to cause energy slumps, dizziness & insomnia.

Practice moderation during your intake. You can even choose to switch to healthier options like decaffeinated coffee, herbal teas or good old 80% of our body-water.

Hydration Is Key

Most of us work in high-pressure environments and its very easy to lose track of your water consumption. Losing even 1% of your body weight in fluid can cause dehydration leading to fatigue and headaches. In light of this, one must remain hydrated. Try drinking anywhere from 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

Infusing your water with fruits can make it easier. Also available are a couple of applications that can remind you to drink water, so make use of these apps.

Stand A Bit

Posture. We know its important. We just don't know how to ensure that we maintain a good posture. Try to inculcate it as a habit to hold the right posture while sitting. Make sure that your screen is at eye level and you're sitting upright at about an arm's length from your screen.

A bad posture can lead to a variety of lifestyle issues from back pain to slipped disk etc. to avoid this move around. Stand and take a break to stretch every hour.

Step Away From The Screen

Finishing your work quickly and getting out of work on time is the end goal for everyone. But that does not imply that you stick to your workstation all day long without moving. Not taking breaks has proven to make people lethargic, & hinder creativity.

Step away from the screen and take a couple of short breaks in the day to reduce back pain & socialize with your co-workers. Walking around will refresh you and keep you motivated to perform your best throughout the day.

Clean Surroundings, Happy You

Surroundings have been known to have a direct impact on a person's mindset. Tidy up your workstation before leaving so that you return to a clean workstation in the morning.

Cleaning the surroundings will also help keep the infections at bay. Ensure your office is well ventilated to increase the airflow within. This will help circulate clean air and reduce infections within the workspace.

Find Your Stressbusters

Unforgiving deadlines, endless hours & a high-pressure environment can keep a person constantly on edge and negatively impact your mental and physical well-being.

Try following the three cardinal rules given below to help alleviate stress

Exercise & Meditate

Try exercising as often as you can, it is known to improve a person's mood. If exercising is not your thing, practice yoga, it helps reduce stress and tone your physique.

Ensure Sleep

To maintain focus and decrease stress levels it is important that one completes 8 hours of sleep every day.


Man is known to be a social animal. You must create a strong support system beyond the workspace. Spend time with friends, family, and colleagues to unwind and enjoy. Join a hobby or sports class to enjoy while having a good laugh.

Staying healthy is not an easy task. Fitness is not something that can be achieved overnight but that does not mean you get to avoid it. For thriving in today's competitive environment, you must take care of yourself on a day to day basis or risk being left behind.

Raman Sama