Front-end framework and it’s usage in 2020

Mar 25, 2020

Raman Sama

Did you know that there are approximately 150k front end developers in the USA?

Well, new startups crave for amazing websites; they see websites as their identity and face of their business. However, to which extent is this craving correct and legit?
Businesses hire developers for developing their front end, but do they really need a front end developer or front-end framework, or is it possible to develop an amazing website with merely classic HTML, and CSS?

What is front end development?

Before knowing what would be right and what would not be right let’s first discuss what is front end development? Actually, the front end is nothing but everything that a user visualizes and interacts with. Moreover, its development is done by developers, who do that with a lot of complicated codes and technologies.
So I researched some of the technologies which could be helpful in finding out the necessity of developers, and found the answer to this question to be no. There are numerous features provided by HTML and CSS, that were actually the reasons behind using different frameworks. However, later, after a bit of more research I concluded that the actual answer to the question of whether you need a front end developer depends on the answer of the question what kind of experience you want your user to have.

What is the experience of the users and how is it different?

To explain this condition precisely, I would divide these features into three layers by an example:-

For example, if a developer wants the users to encounter a form after entering into the website of the company. Then, there are various requirements that the company might ask developers to meet, for example, if a company asks a developer to get their users engaged with a login form that checks the input, and confirms whether the input fed into the password section is a password, or not. There would be different code requirements for the same.
Moreover, if the company asks a simple static page which asks the login id, and password, and consists of no engagement part, then the requirement would be completely different.

So what are these levels?
Let’s understand each and everyone of them:-

First level of framework helps in giving and creating a basic static page, with HTML, which helps the developer to give a simple form, or webpage.

The user or the person using the website won’t get any engagement part, such as animation or anything. However, it is quite easy to implement and easy to learn. Furthermore, it is also easy to learn, therefore, developers can do it easily. Now, another level includes JQuery. This includes the elements which helps in engaging the customers a bit more.

With JQuery we are doing nothing extra, however, we are adding more validation, and conferring to users a more dynamically controlled webpage. The HTML code could not help developers in a lot of things such as Javascript. Javascript enables users to understand while creating an account that the password entered doesn’t contain the required inputs, such as a numeric value, or capital letter, or small alphabet.

There are other high uses too.

For example, AJAX which assists the users in writing an Email.
Angular/react increases the quality of the presentation of the users. Therefore, if a developer or a company wants to provide extra facilities such as real time error detection while filling the form, then they can compel the developer for doing so.

Dynamic feedback of the system assists users in understanding what they are doing and corrects them at the right moment, at the place where they start committing mistakes. Therefore, it is a very good decision if you include the front end developer while making a website in such a scenario.

However, the decision is yet not easy to make. Why? Because if we compare the availability and the price of the developers which make use of HTML than to those who make use of Angular, you would get a statistics in which the number of people with knowledge of former technology would be more.
Therefore, being a new startup, you would be suffering more investment of time and money on each and every aspect, right from the beginning: time and money. How?

There would be more developers who would be able to develop your website with the HTML, and therefore, there would be more experts, so you need not conduct a huge process for recruiting or selection. Moreover, there are other things that would be concerning for you, such as if you hire an HTML developer then you need less to invest on their salary.

Moreover, if you think that you can save money by reducing the salary of the employees then let me tell you one thing that it won’t happen. Angular or react provides completely different user experience as compared to the HTML, However, at a considerable low rate. Therefore, if you want to provide amazing user experience, same as though you could have provided by using Angular, just by using HTML, then let me tell you that you are going to fail in this project.


So not let’s conclude this article and seek the result of all the discussion that we just went through; everything depends. Therefore, if you really want to decide what would be perfect, i.e. whether you should choose to hire a front end developer or you should go with classic HTML, then first decide your goal.
You must know what you want to achieve, and what kind of user experience you want your users to have. If you think it is fine to provide a static page with no dynamics and graphics, then it is fine, you can hire a developer with classic HTML knowledge.
Now, talking about JQuery, it is also not very different from the former technology, i.e. from the angular or React, however, there are certain features which might not be available with this language.

Raman Sama