Focus On What Truly Matters To Your Business

Dec 20, 2019

Raman Sama

Are you managing a large number of people or are you the leader of a big firm and are responsible for the productivity of your team. You want to be effective but seem to somehow lack the tools to do so. The time seems to be constantly slipping through your fingers. Does your team look like it is overworked and not happy with their job anymore?

If yes, then you are going to be struggling to maintain high standards in your industry.

Deciding to open a business is the easy part of the situation, it is the running and maintaining part that truly knocks the wind out of people. Plus it is important to know that nobody is a one-night success story. It is years of hard work that translates to a business that has a reputation and a strong identity. Business demands a lot of responsibility, adaptability and above all commitment. Also, let's not even get started on the importance of a strong, dedicated team leading the charge.

Even though a lot of resources are available to people via the internet, you would still see people struggling to manage their businesses. Most times you would notice that it is due to the lack of management and organization of tasks that are required by a company to thrive. Disorganization is a direct pathway to igniting fear and panic amongst the employees.

The team you build is the backbone of your business and if they feel like they aren't growing in a position they will try and leave. After all, every human being wants to feel like they are contributing positively to the world and that their work matters. It is not just a salary that most people work for, it is a chance to improve all the skills they think they lack. A job is a platform to grow and expand.

If you feel like the dissatisfaction has begun to set in, then it is time to start damage control.

Start With Interacting and Understanding All Levels

The growth of the company is a direct reflection of how the top management views the personal and professional aspects of growth and whether or not they align with the employees. Setting a goal does not mean you will achieve it. The team needs to work cohesively to reach it.

For that to happen one needs to make sure that they are getting the input of all levels of the organization. From the interns to the managers, you need to make sure that you are taking everyone's inputs. This will help you be reasonable while setting up goals and understanding goals.

Be Extremely Specific While Outlining The Task

To focus properly on the top priorities for your growth, it is important that everyone in the organization can relate to the work being done, Don't give out vague instructions on how to achieve an end goal. Instead, be more specific and give concrete achievable targets and instructions. At the same time increasing the number of goals does not convert to a more productive team.

Plan In Advance

Mornings are the worst time to be assigning work, instead of for better productivity it is important that you give out tasks a day prior. Schedule everything that is supposed to be done a day prior. That way last-minute problems can also be taken care of and this also reduces the chances of forgetting what needs to be carried out through the day. Taking care that the workload does not increase shows that you are someone who cares about the employees.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

It is known that focusing on one task at a time is more productive than jumping in between tasks. Not to say multitasking is bad but rather that it is important to not divide your focus too much. To increase productivity and scale new heights it is important one focus on one task at a time. This helps monitor progress as well.

Think From A Leaders Perspective

If the leader and the employee would have the same vision it will become increasingly difficult for the company to function. Plan properly and implement your schedule in a way that is progressive and adds value to the company.

An unplanned day is the worst thing for a company to have. This is work and spontaneity is recommended while finding solutions and not while strategizing. Answering a hundred emails is not what makes you more productive but rather what and how you grow as a human.

Review The Work

Any progress that can't be measured is as bad as no progress. Reviewing your progress is essential as it is only after that you can figure out the areas you need to work on and the ones that you are performing well in. Success can only be achieved if you keep a constant tab on progress.

Firms reach where you see them due to their planning and a strong workforce. Your workforce needs to be a balance between the new and the old. Only then you will be able to ensure success, Make sure your goals align with your employees and you will do great.

Raman Sama