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Creating A Team That Will Transform Your Company

Nov 08, 2019

Raman Sama

Good companies are not a sum of what they manage but rather a culmination of what kind of people work there. Your next big break will seldom come from outside. It will invariably come from the people who work for you. Adding new value to your team is actually as simple as getting the right processes in place and equipping them with the correct tools.

You might be the one who envisioned your company but the execution still lies with someone else, namely your team.

You as a leader cannot be responsible for each and everything that goes to your company which is why you need to understand and practice the art of delegation.

Delegation is the only way one can achieve large scale tasks. The only way to success is by creating and nurturing a team.

A truly amazing team is not only one that can develop and execute a plan but rather one that has the ability to ideate independently. The only tool that truly matters in today's attention-grabbing economic is the idea that can transform any aspect of your business.

Your team, if a good one, is more attuned to what your customers want than anyone else. Your innovation begins with a team that ideates and leads to evolution.
You need to create a team that strives for improvement rather than perfection and you will have a winning formula on your hands.

Innovation Is Your Cornerstone

The team that you have should never be comfortable with where they are, rather they should be contributing to innovate and improve every aspect of your functioning.

If you limit the innovation to only a few in the company or create an air around it that seems intimidating or unachievable. You are creating a wasted opportunity for no one but you yourself.

Opportunities to evolve rear their heads in every direction. Innovation isn't necessarily disruptive but rather even an add on to the current culture seems enough.

Small steps are the only way to reach big changes.

Fight The Fear Of Failure

There is often these extremely wrong approach leaders take that overemphasizes the consequences of failure instead of learning from those instances. To create a team that wants to improve on its own accord you must create a culture where everyone is looking to constantly try something out.

Every failure should be looked like an opportunity to become better instead of something to be scared of. To get results that are better than last time innovation is important and you can put it in as a performance metric to encourage your employees.

Work On The Team Chemistry

The interactivity between different departments, personalities and thoughts always add to the character of an office. To expand one's horizons, one needs to interact with all kinds of people. This also adds to another dimension of problem-solving.

See, what setting is most conducive to creating opportunities that help brainstorm.

As your team practices working on various problems, the better the solutions become. Create opportunities that foster collaboration.

Learn To Share Responsibility

People love when they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. With problem identification and solving the concept remains the same. Make some time for your team to come up and indulge in problem-solving.

Innovation is not a one-person job and the onus does not lie on just one person to work their way through it.

Everyone's understanding of problems, the ability to conceive them it vastly different depending on their personal experiences.

Work On a Shared Goal

Acknowledge every individual's performance and establish company-wide goals that can be broken down into smaller tasks to be established on a personal as well as on a team level. This will make everyone collaborate at the same time achieve on a personal level,

If you make everyone feel like they have something valuable to contribute you are bound to create a loyal team.

Establish a system

To make your culture one of continuous improvement, a system needs to be put in place with the ability to sustain it. Generating ideas, idea storage and implementation of ideas all need to be measured against something and that is what a system is important.

As you are actively looking around for a solution to existing problems, you might get something that is not ready to be implemented at this stage but can be at a later time. To revisit these ideas, create an incubation cell where people with viable ideas can come put them out in the open.

Not every idea you might get would be scalable, but after initial work, they can always be sold to a bigger better company.

Implement these points and see your company evolve and grow right before your own eyes.

Raman Sama