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Artificial Intelligence Basics for 2020

Mar 05, 2020

Raman Sama

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Developers and programmers have found a technique through which a computer can learn through its past experience. This technology makes a computer smart, and therefore, makes it easy for humans to develop new technology easily. Former technologies and machines perform those tasks which are already fed in them, but the current technology is developed in a way to learn new tasks and perform smart tasks without the need of help of the human brain. Moreover, they are made so capable that they can learn with the experience of their former experience with humans.

What is Website Development?

The work and task involved in developing a website, performed by front-end-developer, is known as Web development. A website is nothing but a combination of different web pages, which are bound together to form a website. There are various technologies and languages that can together form an attractive page – simple, static or attractively dynamic and responsive – for websites.
Website development is a very important part of developing any business as websites always act as a face of any business. Whatever the website might portray would become the identity of your business with the passage of time.
Therefore, there are alot of latest technologies which are being used by the developers to make this task more efficient and easy. One of them is AI, but when the results with AI came forwards, numerous new developers and businesses started choosing and preferring it over other technologies, and took advantage of the benefits that it offered.

Why to Implement AI in developing websites?

Another example of AI in web development is Adobe Sensei. It makes use of AI and also uses ML for letting you know about the possible opportunities. It also helps in speeding the existing tasks which might be tedious in nature with it. Another positive part of this software is that it also lets users gain the experiences which are relevant. To put it simply, Adobe Sensei can help you convert the existing piece of work into a better, faster, and smarter piece of fun.
It has successfully bound various businesses together and also numerous leaders so that they can share their opinions and also different opportunities and the challenges experienced by them with AI.
The Pros and Cons of AI in Web Design

Every technology possesses some pros/benefits, and some cons, and thus, possesses AI also. In today’s era of booming technology, AI is something that is prefered by every business, whether it is something like an E-commerce website or some blogging website.
However, most preferred technology doesn’t imply that it has least disadvantages. However, it means that it has such pros that can be utilized to overcome a loop, hurdling the development of a technology.

Pros of using AI

  • User experience – The user experience is improved with the use of the latest technology with AI. Google's new algorithm also seeks the user engagement time for ranking it first. Therefore, it is important for developers to engage customers with their websites by making an easy and attractive plot.
  • Personalized Content – AI learns from its previous experiences with its users, and that can be used to create a list of his favorite or preferred genres. This list can be used to present the content that he might like. Therefore, the visible content can be personalized with the help of AI. Through this new technology or by integrating your system with AI, you can confer new recommendations to your clients for new music, and the videos which he/she prefers.
  • Voice Search Optimization – Another fastest growing technology is Voice Search Optimization, which can be achieved with AI too.

Cons of using AI

As discussed there are always two sides of a coin, one might not be visible to everyone, but to choose, it becomes important to understand both the aspects of using AI.

  • A Place for Humans – If AI can perform all the jobs better and more efficiently as compared to humans, then why would there be a need for humans to work? Numerous studies show that by 2030, 90% of the simple jobs would be performed with the help of AI. Moreover, those jobs would not be job-opportunity by then and all those people would remain unemployed.
  • Privacy Issues – As AI is designed to learn from the behavior of the consumers, it is also designed to observe their behavior and choices, and therefore, the data of users might not be private. Most of the users might not be very comfortable with this kind of condition because they might be wishing to do business with this technology.
  • Impersonal Interactions – No matter how proficient a chat bot is created by developers, there might still be a need of personal response from the users. Users do possess such questions that can’t be handled by the existing answers in the machine, and therefore, at one place when AI is improving the customer interaction process, it is also deteriorating the quality. Therefore, it might also decrease the existing traffic on your website.

So now, you are aware of both the benefits and disadvantages of AI in developing websites. You can now decide with full consciousness whether to use it or integrate it with your website or not.

Raman Sama