Web Development

We Are Professional

PHP Development

Operating from our PHP web development centre having skilled and knowledgeable team aiming to deliver premium services at cutting cost to clients with powerful open source development as our forte.

High Quality Solutions

Being strongly sited in various spheres as real estate, e commerce, engineering, social networking and much more, we are set to march in the direction delivering maximum profit and high quality solutions.

Proper Documentation

We at Appsmaven follow proper documentation for each code we add to your project living up to the mark for your development projects.

Node.JS Development

Ever since its launch, Node.js has been the top choice amongst the developers. It being a package having a lot to formulate is on the top of technology desk. Javascript being used to operate; makes it more accepted for real-time applications when talking of web application development. Fast, reliable and seamless for avant-grade web applications. Being our favorite pick, we recommend it to clients!! To be on the top, just hire the best and be the best like AppsMaven!

Single Threaded Codes

Being good at JavaScript and writing single threaded codes, you can opt Node.js.

Perfect Sense

Having a perfect sense for data-intensive real time applications running across distributed devices.

Fast and Scalable

Fast and scalable network applications, since built on Chrome’s Javascript runtime environment.

Few CPU Cycles

While you are working on a code which requires very few CPU cycles. Connately, when you are doing non blocking operation and it does not involve any heavy algorithm/ job which uses a lot of cpu cycles.

Data Intensive, Real Time Applications

Use it while working on DIRT which stands for Data Intensive, Real Time applications.


Event-driven and non-blocking I/O model, which is why it is lightweight and efficient enough to be the choice of all.

Website Programming And Development

At AppsMaven, we facilitate you with the most zealous and notable web existence. We strive for creating a long lasting impression in the minds of users that turns out to be a constructive business for your organizations. Twigging the customer needs, we draw plans with a foresight taking care of future requirements and benefits.

MongoDB Development

Whether you are a start-up or big enterprise, if you have loads of data sets, expecting high write loads ahead and app that uses location based data too, having significant range of requirements which need high performance, or where the data is too complex to be handled by relational schema, MongoDB is the right fit and one-go solution for all.

Dynamic Schemas

Having dynamic schemas makes it appropriate for product data management, e-commerce websites and more likely it works great with CMS.

Capable & Powerful

Being capable to create powerful solutions, trimming the cost and perking up the end user experience, MongoDB is the most preferred!

Ease To Save

It provides the ease to save unstructured data i.e. your documents can be stored in a whimsical format in the database.

Non-Relational Database

This non-relational database unlike classical relational database which uses tables, stores structured data as JSON or particularly Binary SON in MongoDB, having documents with dynamic schemas, which makes the integration of data in various applications easier and faster.

Cross Platform Database

It is a part of NoSQL database family and the most popular one too. Primarily, it is a cross platform document database which makes data integration easy through dynamic schemas.

High Performance Rate

MongoDB spans over a high performance rate for read and writes though in-memory computing. It is designed to accelerate the performance while featuring dynamic schema, document-oriented data-model, full index support, and super fast in place updates.